Wall-mount AC/DC power supplies have enhanced home healthcare design

06-06-2022 | XP | Power

XP Power has launched three new series of IP22-rated wall-mount power supplies that provide notable benefits to the rapidly growing home healthcare market. The devices are ideal for a wide range of cost-sensitive industrial and medical applications while sustaining industry-leading performance.

These new power solutions are created to function down to 80VAC to provide for transmission line loss in remote non-hospital locations while maintaining a reliable DC output.

The AMF family of wall plug adaptors delivers power levels of 18W (AMF18), 24W (AMF24), and 36W (AMF36) with a single output covering all common voltages between 5V and 48V, enabling designers to choose the ideal device for various applications.

All AMF devices are fully approved to various medical, home healthcare, and IT standards, including EN55011, IEC60601, and UL 62368. As the power supply is external, the design of any equipment is simplified, and the time, BoM and risk associated with gaining approvals are eradicated.

As Class II devices, they can function safely in environments where the integrity of the safety of earth is unknown. The devices are sealed to IP22, permitting the power supply to be cleaned and/or disinfected with lowered risk of electric shock. The power supplies provide 2 x MOPP, thereby ensuring end-user safety in the unlikely event of a power-related issue. Moreover, leakage current is less than 50mA, permitting safe operation in applications where applied parts can be connected to the patient.

All of these power supplies function over an extended input voltage range of 80VAC to 264VAC, providing worldwide operation with an extra margin for regions where the voltage could fluctuate. A range of interchangeable AC connectors ship with every device, allowing the power supply (and any associated medical equipment) to be employed globally.

By Natasha Shek