Power supply offers advanced programmability in a compact package

06-10-2021 | XP | Power

XP Power has announced two new single-phase 1.5kW AC/DC power supplies that offer programmable CV and CC operation with analogue and digital interfaces for user control. The compact and convenient solutions use an efficient resonant ZVS topology. They are suitable for equipment manufacturers in various industries, including industrial, printing, process control, semiconductor fabrication, medical, water treatment and test/measurement.

Applications for the new units are wide, including medical imaging and patient treatment/diagnostics, etch and deposition in semiconductor fabrication, robotics, battery charging, and lasers. Other applications such as industrial printing, cathodic protection, electroplating, LED heating/curing, water purification and hydrogen generation would also benefit from the new units.

The in-built digital control enables users to quickly configure (and re-configure) the unit for any application utilising software settings, removing the requirement for complex and time-consuming hardware changes.

Measuring just 11” x 4.2” x 1.64” (279.4mm x 106.7mm x 41.7mm), HPA1K5 units use notably less space than typical 1.5kW-rated power supplies, saving space and weight in the end application. Notwithstanding their small size, the units are fully featured and provide efficient operation, up to 93% and fast slew rates for instrumentation applications.

The input range of 80-264VAC offers a wide operating window for global markets and needs minimal low line derating. Nominal single output voltages of 24VDC and 48VDC are offered as standard, and these can be programmed up to 105% of nominal. The current output can be programmed to 110% of nominal. An extra 5V/2A standby supply is always on if the mains supply is present.

Conformance with many EMC and safety standards for industrial, ITE and medical use facilitates integration into end applications. Specifically, the HPA1K5 is approved to EN55011/EN55032 for EMC emissions, EN61000-4-x for EMC immunity and IEC62368-1 Ed. 2 for ITE safety. For medical applications, the units are approved to IEC60601-1 Ed. 3 (including risk management) and offer 2 x MOPP (means of patient protection) from primary to secondary.

By Natasha Shek