Medical-grade DC-DC converters offer 2 x MOPP and 2uA patient leakage

XP Power - Medical-grade DC-DC converters offer 2 x MOPP and 2uA patient leakage XP Power has introduced the JHL & JHM series of encapsulated, isolated and regulated DC-DC conve

Products | 17-03-2016

Miniature PCB-mount 5W AC/DC supply meets global medical safety standards

XP Power has announced the EME05 series of ultra-compact, single-output, 5W AC/DC power supplies. Believed to be one of the smallest 5W supplies on the market and available in eith

Power | 04-03-2016

Compact 130W AC/DC power supplies target ITE and medical equipment markets

XP Power has introduced the high-efficiency ECP130 series of miniature open-frame AC/DC power supplies, with safety approvals for the ITE and medical equipment markets. The unit

Products | 25-11-2015

Convection-cooled 250W AC/DC power supplies in open-frame packages

XP Power has launched the CHD250 AC/DC power supply series of ultra-efficient 250W convection cooled single-output units for applications that require medium power in an open-frame

Power | 28-10-2015

High-efficiency 350W AC/DC supply targets IT, industry and healthcare

XP Power has introduced the 350W GCS350 series to its established GCS range of high-efficiency AC/DC power supplies. Available in multiple mechanical formats, including the industr

Products | 14-10-2015

High-efficiency slim DIN-rail power supplies with redundancy module option

Latest from XP Power is the DSA series of three ultra-slim DIN-rail industrial AC/DC power supplies and the complementary DSA-DP20 ORing redundancy module. The highly-efficient

Products | 30-07-2015

New 95% efficient 225W AC/DC supply in a compact package

XP Power has introduced the EPL225 series of high-efficiency open-frame AC/DC power supplies approved for industrial, IT and medical applications. The series comprises seven sin

Products | 30-06-2015

DIN-rail DC-DC converters offer a wide input and noise immunity for industrial needs

Aimed at industrial applications, XP Power has introduced the DDC15 and DDC30 series of low-profile 15W and 30W DIN-rail format DC-DC converters. The range is designed to offer add

Products | 20-05-2015

Informative technical guide to the changing world of power supplies

XP Power today announced the publication of The Essential Guide To Power Supplies. Written as a technical guide for equipment design engineers and specifiers of power supplies, the

Products | 30-04-2015

Latest 1W DC-DC converters offer a wider temperature range and more isolation

XP Power has introduced three new SIP packaged 1W DC-DC converters available as single- and dual-output models. Aimed at applications requiring a high-performance DC-DC converter,

Products | 24-04-2015

Low-profile full-brick baseplate-cooled AC/DC supplies need no external components

XP Power’s ASB110 series provides a complete AC/DC power supply module requiring no external components. The full-brick sized power supplies offer high efficiency and a low profile

Products | 13-04-2015

Latest 30W medical power supply boasts industry’s smallest footprint

Designed for use in medical applications, XP Power has announced the EML30 series of 30W ultra-compact single-output AC-DC power supplies. The EML30 series has the smallest footp

Products | 04-03-2015

higher-efficiency SMD DC-DC converters boost isolation and temperature performance

XP Power has announced six new series of high-performance isolated DC-DC converters in industry standard surface-mount packages. Offered in single- and dual-output versions the com

Products | 13-02-2015