Non-isolated DC-DC converter capable of high-frequency operation

09-06-2020 | Texas Instruments | Power

The Texas Instruments TPS546D24A is a highly integrated, non-isolated DC-DC converter capable of high-frequency operation and 40A current output from a 7mm x 5mm package. Two, three, and four devices can be interconnected to offer up to 160A on a single output. The device has a choice to overdrive the internal 5V LDO with an external 5V supply through the VDD5 pin to improve efficiency and decrease the power dissipation of the converter.

The device employs a proprietary fixed-frequency current-mode control with input feedforward and selectable internal compensation components for smallest size and stability over a broad range of output capacitances.

The PMBus interface with 1MHz clock support gives a convenient, standardised digital interface for converter configuration plus monitoring of key parameters including output current, output voltage, and internal die temperature. Response to fault conditions can be set to restart, latch off, or ignore, depending on system demands. Back-channel communication between stacked devices enables all of these converters powering a single output rail to share a single address to simplify system software/firmware design. Key parameters, including output voltage, soft-start time, switching frequency, and overcurrent fault limits, can also be configured through BOM selection without PMBus communication to support program free power-up.

By Natasha Shek