Mixed-signal MCUs offer ultra-low-power for various applications

03-06-2020 | Texas Instruments | Semiconductors

Texas Instruments MSP430F261x/MSP430F241x Mixed-Signal MCUs are part of the MSP430 family of ultra-low-power MCUs. These MCUs consist of several devices, featuring different sets of peripherals targeted for multiple applications. The architecture, coupled with five low-power modes, is optimised to deliver extended battery life in portable measurement applications.

The series is MCU configurations with two built-in 16-bit timers, a fast 12-bit ADC, four USCI modules, a comparator, two 12-bit DACs, DMA, and up to 64 I/O pins. The MSP430F241x devices are identical to the MSP430F261x devices, with the exception that the DAC12 and the DMA modules are not implemented. The LQFP-64 package is also offered as a non-magnetic package for medical imaging applications.

Typical applications include sensor systems, industrial control applications, hand-held meters, and medical imaging applications.

By Natasha Shek