Dual voltage-output DACs offer high accuracy at low power

05-06-2020 | Texas Instruments | Power

Texas Instruments DACx0502 Dual Voltage-Output DACs are highly accurate, low-power devices with voltage output. The DAC80502 is 16-bit, the DAC70502 is 14-bit, and the DAC60502 is 12-bit.

The devices provide linearity of <1LSB. The high accuracy coupled with tiny package makes the DACs an excellent option for applications including gain and offset calibration, current or voltage set point generation, and power-supply control. These devices incorporate a 2.5V, 5ppm/C internal reference, providing full-scale output voltage ranges of 1.25V, 2.5V, or 5V.

The devices include a power-on-reset circuit that makes sure the DAC output powers up at zero scale or midscale depending on the status of RSTSEL pin and stays at that scale until a valid code is written to the device. The digital interface of the DACs can be configured to SPI or I2C mode utilising the SPI2C pin. In SPI mode, the devices use a versatile three-wire serial interface that functions at clock rates up to 50MHz. In I2C mode, the device operates in standard (100kbps), fast (400kbps), and fast+ (1.0Mbps) modes.

Typical applications include oscilloscope (DSO), battery test, semiconductor test, data acquisition (DAQ), LCD test, small cell base station, analog output module, process analytics (pH, gas, concentration, force, and humidity), and DC power supply, AC source and electronic load.

By Natasha Shek