New generation of low-cost high-voltage precision op-amps

04-06-2020 | Texas Instruments | Power

Texas Instruments TLVx197-Q1 High-Voltage Precision Op-Amps are part of a new generation of low-cost, 36V, automotive-qualified, op-amps. The op-amp employs a method of package-level trim for offset and offset temperature drift achieved during the last steps of manufacturing after the plastic moulding process. This method reduces the influence of inherent input transistor mismatch, as well as errors caused during package moulding. The op-amp comes with good DC precision and AC performance, as well as rail-to-rail input/output, optimised cost structure, and AEC-Q100 grade 1 qualification. This makes these an outstanding choice for low-side, current-sensing and signal-conditioning applications in automotive areas.

Further unique features comprise a differential input-voltage range to the supply rail, a high output current (±65mA), a heavy capacitive load drive of up to 1nF, and a high slew rate (20V/µs). These features make these op-amps robust, high-performance device for high-voltage automotive applications. The op amps are offered in standard packages and are specified from –40C to +125C.

Typical applications include inverter and motor control, DC-DC converters, onboard and wireless chargers, and battery management systems.

By Natasha Shek