Step-down converter power modules provide a small solution size

02-06-2020 | Texas Instruments | Power

Texas Instruments TPSM8282x Step-Down Converter Power Modules are 1A and 2A step-down converters provided in a MicroSiP power module optimised for a small solution size and giving high efficiency. The power modules combine a synchronous step-down converter and an inductor to simplify design, decrease external components, and save the PCB area. The low profile and compact solution are ideal for automated assembly by standard surface mount devices. To maximise efficiency, the converter functions in PWM mode with a nominal switching frequency of 4MHz and automatically begins Power Save Mode operation at light load currents.

In Power Save Mode, the device functions with typically 4µA quiescent current. Employing the DCS-Control topology, the device delivers excellent load transient performance and precise output voltage regulation. The EN and PG pins, which support sequencing configurations, deliver a flexible system design. An integrated soft startup decreases the inrush current needed from the input supply. Over-temperature protection and hiccup short circuit protection provide a robust and reliable solution.

Typical applications include optical modules, machine vision, embedded camera system, and patient monitoring and diagnostics.

By Natasha Shek