Low leakage MOSFET relay module range available now

27-09-2021 | Omron | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Omron Electronic Components Europe now offers new high voltage and high current versions of its innovative T-configuration MOSFET relay modules. These T-modules provide the outstanding reliability and durability of solid-state relays combined with a particularly low leakage current of just 1pA or less, enabling their use in measurement and other applications where mechanical relays have previously been favoured.

The new Omron G3VM-61MT offers a load current of 800mA, and the G3VM-101MT has a load voltage of 100V. They join the high isolation G3VM-21MT. The particularly low leakage current of these devices is accomplished with a unique T- circuit structure that transfers most leakage current to ground, the devices effectively blend the advantages of the mechanical and MOSFET relays to offer an accurate, compact and long-lasting switching solution without mechanical contacts.

A key application of the modules supports accurate measurements in all kinds of test equipment where mechanical relays have earlier been preferred due to low leakage current. However, they have a far lower lifespan due to abrasion of contacts which decreases measurement accuracy across time. In intensive use, frequent replacement may be required pushing up the maintenance costs.

The compact size of 5mm x 3.75mm x 2.7mm is accomplished by the inclusion of the T-circuit into the module. The devices are surface-mounted and provided in SPST with no configuration needed. The electrical load characteristics of the new devices are 800mA, 60V for the G3VM-61MT and 550mA and 100V for the G3VM-101MT. The G3VM-21MT features exceptional isolation performance of less than - 30dB at 1GHz and is rated at 200mA, 20V.

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