Compact 500VDC relay for charging circuits

03-12-2020 | Omron | Power

OMRON Electronic Components Europe announces a highly compact 500VDC power relay targeted at the pre-charge circuits in EV chargers, battery back-up systems for solar panels and other high current DC applications.

Offering a high switching capacity and high isolation, the new OMRON G2RG-X is excellent for inrush current control, such as for protecting the peripheral circuits when storage battery charging is commenced, as well as in energy storage systems, servos, inverters, power supplies and UPS.

The device accomplishes its 500VDC, 10A switching capacity in a compact body with a footprint of only 13.5mm x 29mm x 26.5mm height. The outstanding performance in a small component is a result of the company's arc control structure and a 3mm contact gap. Additional features comprise a high level of isolation, with an insulation distance of over 8mm and an impulse withstand voltage of 10kV between coil and contacts.

The device provides a low coil power consumption of only 0.8W and has one coil as opposed to two in other solutions, further lowering energy loss within the device. It is intended for two-pole series wiring and has an electrical durability of 10,000 operations in this configuration. The relay is UL and TÜV certified.

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