USB-C device test with long-lasting socket

09-11-2020 | Omron | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

OMRON Electronics Components Europe is assisting the roll-out of consumer electronics based on the USB-C type of I/O connector with the launch of a new long-life, simple to use inspection and test socket.

Excellent for smartphones, digital cameras, notebook computers, headphones, games consoles and other wearable and portable devices, the OMRON XP2U USB-C test socket provides a quick and simple connection to test fixtures on device production lines. Key features comprise market-leading durability of more than 200K insertion operations. This extremely long service life compared to competing devices is based on the application of electroforming contacts with high spring characteristics which are constructed of high hardness materials.

The device provides a 'one-touch' connection of the test socket to the test fixture and a low insertion force to reduce wear on the device and simplify the test operator’s task. This has been accomplished by employing a resin tip instead of a metal tip of standard USB cables and implementing a floating structure utilising coil springs to cushion the connection. As a result, the insertion force is lower than one-fifth that of a standard USB-C cable.

Andries de Bruin, Senior European Product Marketing Manager at OMRON, commented: “USB-C has been growing in popularity for charging, and data transfer in portable devices, due to its compact size and strong performance. We are excited to be able to support our customers in bringing devices based on this standard to market with the introduction of this exceptional new test socket.”

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