MOSFET relay offers exceptional compactness

12-02-2021 | Omron | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

OMRON Electronic Components Europe has launched the G3VM – PSON, a particularly compact MOSFET relay offering high current capacity for industrial and test applications. Providing a high continuous load current, low leakage and small packing, the new relay provides for interesting applications in data loggers, communication devices and test equipment.

The device is available in three versions in an industry-standard PSON package with load voltages of 30V (G3VM-31WR), 60V (G3VM-61WR) and 100V (G3VM-101WR), providing a continuous load current of 4.5A, 3A and 2A respectively. All offer a low on-resistance, which is 50mOhm – 200mOhm depending on which version. The higher current in a small package of just 3.4mm x 2.1mm x 1.3mm assists designers to deliver a compact overall board layout. The relay possesses a high dielectric strength of 500VAC between the input and the output and offers a leakage current of 1000nA when open. Moreover, the terminal shape is intended to support the production of a good soldering joint despite the small size of the device and promotes easy solder inspection.

The device is ideal for a variety of applications. Its ambient operating temperature of -40C to +110C is excellent for demanding industrial environments. Building automation systems and air conditioning will also profit from the relay.

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