New miniature SMD PMS for 3D printers and industrial systems

13-05-2021 | Omron | Subs & Systems

Omron Electronic Components Europe has released a new, extremely compact reflective photo microsensor (PMS) with a sensing distance of 3-4mm, filling a gap in the market for an SMD device addressing applications including 3D printers, mini printers, e-locks and factory automation equipment.

Gabriele Fulco, product marketing manager for Sensors at Omron, said: “With increasing pressure on system size, there is a definite market trend to move from leaded PMS solutions to SMD, but there is a real need for a miniature device with a mid-range 3-4mm sensing distance. Our new device achieves a comparatively long sensing distance within a compact form factor as a result of its built-in lens.”

The new Omron EE-SY1201 reflective PMS is only 3mm x 4mm x 2mm yet provides a peak sensing distance of 3mm. Typical applications comprise paper pass detection in mini-printers, pin or cylinder rotation in e-locks, media pass detection in cutting machines and filament rotation in 3D printers. Other uses cover factory automation equipment and industrial cameras. For applications needing a shorter sensing distance of just 0.5mm, the company offers the EE-SY1200.

By Natasha Shek