Ultra-compact near-silent long-stroke microswitch

11-04-2016 | Omron | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Omron has launched a new sealed ultra subminiature lever switch featuring a
long stroke, a highly-reliable contact mechanism and near-silent operation.

The new Omron D2AW long stroke sealed switches feature a 'unique'
twin-contact design, giving higher reliability. The contacts have a sliding
action, which not only helps remove dust and other contamination, but is
also exceptionally quiet, says the company.

These characteristics make the D2AW highly suitable for consumer electronics
and high-grade automotive applications. Other applications include white
goods, HVAC systems, security systems and smart meters. Sized just 13.3mm x
7mm x 5.3mm, the D2AW has a long stroke with 1.4mm of over travel.

The D2AW is highly robust, is able to support up to 20 operations per minute
and has an insulation resistance of 100Mohm. It has a rated life of 200,000
operations. It is sealed to IEC IP67 and can switch currents of up to 100mA.

The D2AW is offered in a wide range of options and configurations. It is
available as normally-open or normally-closed, with pin plunger, leaf lever,
long lever, roller lever or long roller lever actuators.

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