Board for prototyping wireless applications available now

Mouser now stocks the WBZ451 Curiosity Board from Microchip Technology. The board supplies engineers with an efficient and versatile development platform for prototyping wireless lighting, industrial automation, smart home and IoT applicati

Mouser Electronics | 19-05-2023

MRAM enables new features to accelerate OTA updates and remove bottlenecks

NXP Semiconductors is collaborating with TSMC to supply the industry's first automotive-embedded MRAM in 16nm FinFET technology. As automakers move to software-defined vehicles (SDVs), they need to support numerous generations of software u

NXP | 19-05-2023

Cost-effective mobile EW/SIGINT solution offers unmatched channel count

Novator Solutions has released HUGIN 304DF, a cost-effective mobile EW/SIGINT solution with an unmatched channel count. The solution is the first tactical turnkey EW/SIGINT solution with monitoring, recording and direction-finding capabi

Novator Solutions | 19-05-2023

Dev kits and satellite connectivity modules speed IoT prototyping and deployment

Mouser offers several new IoT development kits, prototyping platforms and satellite wireless connectivity modules. Getting ahead of the competition is an essential consideration for product engineering teams charged with architecting an

Mouser Electronics | 17-05-2023

All-in-one spectrum analyser with VNA and a cable/antenna tester in a handheld package

Saelig Company, Inc has released the SIGLENT SHA800A series, handheld portable spectrum analysers forming a powerful, versatile option for benchtop and field RF measurement applications. The analysers combine the capabilities of a Spectrum

Saelig | 17-05-2023

Handheld test set for field testing tactical and land mobile radios and networks

Viavi Solutions Inc has released the CX100 ComXpert Communications Service Monitor. This portable test set is a dependable, efficient solution for defence radio maintainers and technicians and land mobile radio technicians who must perform

Viavi Solutions | 16-05-2023

Extended temperature range of crystals meet the demands of new product designs

Components able to withstand high operating temperatures are growing in demand, and it is not only by engineers working on conventional high temperature or extreme applications, for example, downhole. This trend is par driven by IC manufact

IQD | 09-05-2023

Wireless SoCs offer high performance for smart metering and lighting

Mouser now stocks the EFR32FG25 Flex Gecko Wireless SoCs from Silicon Labs. Offering a 32-bit Arm Cortex-M33 core with 97.5MHz maximum operating frequency, the SoCs support long-range connectivity for smart electric metering, distribution a

Mouser Electronics | 02-05-2023

Meeting wireless designers needs with expansive Wi-Fi 6/6E portfolio

Mouser supplies a wide selection of Qorvo Wi-Fi 6/6E (802.11ax) solutions, supplying power-efficient and reliable whole-home coverage for applications such as smart home, IoT, IIoT and more. Wi-Fi 6/6E provides a clear advantage over ear

Mouser Electronics | 27-04-2023

New line of push-button attenuators serves wide range of applications

Pasternack has released a new series of push-button attenuators to manage multiple applications, covering test instrumentation and cellular, wireless and satellite communications. The company's new line of continuously variable attenuato

Pasternack | 24-04-2023

Seamless connectivity and low power consumption Wi-Fi IC

Nordic Semiconductor has created the nRF7002, a companion IC for integrating seamless Wi-Fi 6 connectivity into multiple applications. It is available now from Rutronik. The device is a cost-effective and power-saving option and inspires wi

Rutronik | 20-04-2023

Connect for Good Challenge to build a smarter and sustainable future

Mouser is sponsoring the Connect for Good: Low Power Wireless Sustainability Challenge, presented by Nordic Semiconductor and Wevolver. The challenge is running from now through 12 October 2023. Entrants are urged to submit a project that u

Mouser Electronics | 17-04-2023

Turn low-tech buildings into smart buildings with a self-governing wireless network

NeoCortec has supplied NeoMesh modules for a project from Nrlyze, a Swedish tech company specialising in optimising heating and ventilation systems in big buildings. For an old three-storey office building constructed of 35cm thick brick wa

NeoCortec | 14-04-2023

New low current mmWave gain blocks launched

CML Microcircuits has announced the CMX90B701 and CMX90B702 Low Current/Noise Gain Blocks. These products are the latest additions to its innovative SµRF product family and continue the company's push into the higher frequency ranges of mmW

CML Micro | 12-04-2023