CAT 1 and CAT 4 solutions for universal LTE connectivity available now

29-02-2024 | Symmetry Electronics | Industrial

Available through Symmetry Electronics, the u-blox Category 1 (CAT 1) and Category 4 (CAT 4) LARA-L6, LARA-R6, and LENA-R8 modules provide a compact design and universal LTE connectivity for accomplishing seamless communication in IoT and connected devices excellent for applications and solutions including asset tracking, telematics, video surveillance, and more.

LARA-L6 LTE Cat 4 modules boost connectivity with multi-mode capabilities. The products are the world's smallest LTE Cat 4 module, delivering global coverage and extensive certifications from mobile network operators (MNOs), making them a leading choice for compact and globally applicable wireless solutions. Supporting LTE Cat 4, the series supplies developers with impressive data rates of up to 150Mbit/s downlink and 50Mbit/s uplink. This approach permits flexibility in selecting the right level of connectivity for their specific applications.

The LARA-R6 series delivers global and multi-regional coverage in a compact for streamlining logistics and improving design flexibility. Each of the modules supports receive diversity, making them excellent for diverse applications with demanding performance needs, particularly in challenging coverage conditions or those needing voice functionality via VoLTE.

LENA-R8 modules stand out as a powerful Cat 1 bis solution. Support for LTE Cat 1 provides reliable connectivity for asset tracking, industrial automation, and smart meter applications. It supplies 14 LTE and four 2G bands that lower logistics complexity for IoT devices deployed in diverse regions. Tailored for value-oriented IoT products, especially in tracking, telematics, and applications needing extensive global coverage, these modules provide broadband support with 2G fallback, ensuring optimal roaming coverage.

As the demand for universal LTE connectivity grows, this product family emerges as a groundbreaking solution. Their efficient connectivity and versatility features make them the go-to option for developers seeking innovative and reliable solutions.


By Seb Springall

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