Test & Measurement

Tensor unit efficiency data released for new AI IP

Semidynamics has announced Tensor Unit efficiency data for its ‘All-In-One’ AI IP running a LlaMA-2 7B-parameter Large Language Model (LLM). Roger Espasa, Semidynamics’ CEO, explained, “The traditional AI design uses three separate compu

Semidynamics | 28-06-2024

Wide product range for digital automation and energy management available now

Mouser stocks Schneider Electric's latest products. This global distribution partnership supports customers in developing solutions for industrial automation, energy and infrastructure, data centres, and residential applications. The com

Mouser Electronics | 26-06-2024

New hybrid transceiver offers optical solution for rugged environments

Cinch Connectivity Solutions, a Bel Fuse company, launches its highly ruggedised H28-100G-SR4 Transceiver. This new product provides a BGA mounting bracket and electrical interposer, making it an excellent, space-saving solution for enginee

Cinch | 26-06-2024

Modules to monitor safety in extreme ambient conditions

Mouser now stocks Phoenix Contact's PSRmodular XC safety modules. These modules reduce machine downtimes with comprehensive and easy-to-understand diagnostics. Suited for use in harsh environments, they provide faster resolution of safety i

Mouser Electronics | 25-06-2024

Partners to offer innovative EMC solutions for multiple industries

Anritsu Company has partnered with YIC Technologies to develop groundbreaking tools that support companies performing EMC pre-compliance measurements. Anritsu’s new Field Master spectrum analysers, with their class-leading sweep speed and c

Anritsu | 25-06-2024

Automotive temperature sensors provide multichannel thermal control

Mouser now stocks Microchip Technology's MCP998x automotive temperature sensors. This family of AEC-Q100 grade 1 qualified multichannel sensors measures temperatures with 1C accuracy up to 85C and 2.5C up to 125C. The sensors deliver precis

Mouser Electronics | 24-06-2024

Edge AI server solutions for generative AI

Advantech has announced a groundbreaking Edge AI server solution for generative AI, featuring Phison's patented aiDAPTIV+ technology. The AIR-520 Edge AI Server, powered by an AMD EPYC 7003 series processor, incorporates SQ ai100 AI SSDs, N

Advantech | 24-06-2024

Fast stray field robust motor position detection

Rutronik is expanding its portfolio of Hall effect sensors with the Micronas HAL 302x family from TDK. The device measures vertical magnetic field components (BZ). Developers can choose between two sensor models (HAL 3020 and HAL 3021) for

Rutronik | 24-06-2024

Small camera module for 3D intraoral dental scanners

OMNIVISION has announced the new OCH2B30 camera module for 3D intraoral dental scanners. The module features a compact CameraCubeChip package in an ultra-small form factor (2.6mm x 2.6mm), exceedingly high image quality, and a MIPI interfac

OMNIVISION | 24-06-2024

New RF fixed attenuators and terminations operate up to 18GHz

Fairview Microwave has launched its latest range of RF fixed attenuators and terminations, able to support frequencies up to 18GHz. These precision components meet the stringent demands of high-frequency applications, making them excellent

Fairview Microwave | 21-06-2024

Flow computer delivers versatile measurement of liquid hydrocarbon and gas flow

The SFC3000 flow computer from Ex-i Flow Measurement Ltd, is a highly versatile liquid hydrocarbon and gas flow measuring device able to operate in a standalone single stream flow measurement system or as part of a highly complex multi-stre

Ex-i Flow Measurement | 20-06-2024

Robotic conformal coating/dispensing system to enhance manufacturing efficiency

Altus Group introduces the Delta 6 robotic conformal coating/dispensing system from PVA to meet the need for increased efficiency and reduced labour in electronics manufacturing. Electronics manufacturers, burdened with highly labour-int

Altus Group | 20-06-2024

Flexibility meets proven performance for fast data transmission

With the Intel Ethernet Network Adapter E810-XXVDA2, Intel is expanding its Ethernet 800 series with a performance-optimised, versatile 10/25GbE adapter with two 25GbE SFP28 ports. This adds another option to the Rutronik range. The series

Rutronik | 20-06-2024

Safety modules monitor safety in extreme ambient conditions

Mouser now stocks Phoenix Contact's PSRmodular XC safety modules. These modules minimise machine downtimes with comprehensive and easy-to-understand diagnostics. Ideal for use in harsh environments, they allow for faster resolution of safet

Mouser Electronics | 19-06-2024