Test & Measurement

Three simple ways to clean and protect sensitive electronics

When the need arises to clean and protect electronic devices, Cortec offers three easy ways to do so without harming sensitive components. Corwipe 500 is a handy wipe for light cleaning of electronics. In addition to removing small amoun

Cortec Corporation | 29-05-2024

Dev kit enables high-performance edge AI development for custom-embedded product

Avnet's QCS6490 Vision-AI Development Kit allows engineering teams to rapidly prototype hardware, application software and AI enablement for multi-camera, high-performance, Edge AI-enabled custom embedded products. Engineered in a compac

Avnet | 29-05-2024

Automation easier and more cost-effective with new PLCs and power supplies

L-com has introduced a new line of open-source Arduino PLCs and power supplies. These products are essential in process control, transportation and traffic systems, food and beverage, and automation for industrial plants, agriculture, build

L-com | 29-05-2024

PLC starter kit delivers practical training for industrial automation

Mouser now stocks the AKX00051 PLC starter kit from Arduino. The AKX00051 PLC starter kit bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical skills for industrial automation. Developed for vocational schools and technical institute

Mouser Electronics | 28-05-2024

New eBook focused on MEMS technology

Mouser has announced a new eBook in collaboration with Murata, exploring the use of MEMS technology in device design. In '9 Industry Experts Discuss MEMS Technology,' industry thought leaders provide unique perspectives on the benefits and

Mouser Electronics | 24-05-2024

Angle sensor family delivers outstanding stray field robustness

Infineon Technologies AG has introduced the new XENSIV TLE49SR angle sensor family, which combines exceptional stray field immunity with high accuracy. The sensors are excellent for applications of safety-critical automotive chassis systems

Infineon | 24-05-2024

New range of test and measurements tools offers exceptional value with enhanced safety

Extech has launched its new measurement tool series, available from Teledyne Flir. This latest offering includes the advanced EX-series of multimeters and clamp meters, the innovative IAQ320 air quality monitor, and the versatile BR450W bor

Teledyne FLIR | 23-05-2024

Strain gage simulator mimics bridge tension/compression activity

Lincoln Instruments SIM1000 Strain Gage Simulator is a novel 350ohm Wheatstone Bridge Strain Gage/Load Cell simulator that mimics tension and compression activity on the bridge, ratiometrically. Saelig Company, Inc. now offers the Lincol

Saelig | 22-05-2024

New MUX family delivers highest channel count microwave multiplexer switches in PXI

Pickering Interfaces has released a new family of high channel count PXI and PXIe microwave MUX modules. Expanding its range of RF and microwave switching, the 40/42-788 family is based on industry-leading, superior-quality Radiall mechanic

Pickering | 22-05-2024

Advancing op-amp technology for battery-powered and portable applications

WIN SOURCE now offers the OPA2241UA op-amp designed by Burr-Brown (now part of Texas Instruments). The device exemplifies cutting-edge innovation in low-power, high-performance electronic components. This op-amp is tailored to satisfy th

WIN SOURCE | 21-05-2024

Cooled automation camera for process control and quality assurance

FLIR, a Teledyne Technologies company, has announced the FLIR A6301, a highly sensitive, cooled midwave thermal imaging camera designed for 24/7 inspection and automation applications. It aims to make production lines more efficient and imp

FLIR Systems | 21-05-2024

Adapter board for radar-based applications in distance measurement and people detection

Reliable solutions for distance measurement and people and surface detection play a key role in IoT applications. Here, there is a strong demand for smaller and lower-power radars. With the RAB3, the experts from Rutronik System Solutions a

Rutronik | 21-05-2024

Pressure sensor delivers long-term stability for liquid measurement applications

Mouser now stocks the TE Connectivity/Measurement Specialties MS5849 board mount pressure sensor. Designed to supply precise digital 24-bit pressure and temperature values, the pressure sensor provides multiple operation modes that enable t

Mouser Electronics | 20-05-2024

New sensor for steer-by-wire released

Melexis has added the MLX90427 to its magnetic position sensor portfolio. The product is tailored for embedded position sensor applications requiring high functional safety levels. Next to offering customer stray field immunity and EMC robu

Melexis | 20-05-2024