Environmental sensors designed for HVAC and air quality applications

Seeed Studio has released the Grove all-in-one environmental sensors featuring Sensirion’s SEN54 and SEN55 environmental sensor nodes. The sensors detect multiple indoor air qualit

Consumer | 07-10-2022

Highly reliable temperature sensor for automotive applications

Sensirion adds the digital automotive sensor STS4xA to its wide variety of temperature sensors. The series currently comprises two versions: STS41A-AD1B and STS41A-AW1B, with the l

Automotive & Transport | 06-09-2022

New gas chromatographs for online natural gas analysis

The new gas analyser DynamiQ-X NG2210, from Qmicro by Sensirion, offers fast and accurate online monitoring of natural gas and provides calorific values for composition control and

Test & Measurement | 19-08-2022

High-performance mass flow controller series offers new versions

Sensirion is the first company in the world to launch its mass flow controllers for catalogue distribution. For approximately a year, customers have been offered mass flow controll

Test & Measurement | 29-06-2022

Fourth-generation digital humidity sensor for automotive applications

Sensirion has added the digital automotive sensor SHT4xA to its range of humidity and temperature sensors. With integrated diagnostic capability, AEC-Q100 product qualification, op

Test & Measurement | 23-06-2022

New versions of environmental sensor node are now available

Sensirion’s environmental sensor nodes are intended for usage in indoor air quality applications. The SEN50 environmental node is part of the SEN5x series and provides a straightfo

Test & Measurement | 13-04-2022

Miniaturised and cost-efficient temperature sensor now available globally

Sensirion now offers its fourth-generation temperature sensor series – the STS4x. The fully digital and cost-efficient temperature sensor is extremely accurate and provides industr

Test & Measurement | 30-03-2022

New VOC+NOx sensor for indoor air quality applications

Sensirion has launched the SGP41 VOC+NOx sensor for indoor air quality applications. The sensor is created as a digital smart switch and regulation unit for air treatment devices,

Test & Measurement | 05-01-2022

Ultra-high accuracy versions added to humidity and temperature sensor

Sensirion launches two new versions of its fourth-generation humidity sensors. The SHT41 and SHT45 provide further improved humidity and temperature accuracy specifications, produc

Test & Measurement | 19-10-2021

Evaluation kit for single-use flow sensor is now available

The Sensirion LD20 single-use liquid flow sensor series is suitable for fast, precise and reliable measurements of the lowest flow rates in biomedical applications. Also available

Design & Manufacture | 16-08-2021

High performance off-the-shelf mass flow controller is now available

Sensirion has launched its new SFC5500 mass flow controller series. The device is claimed to be the world’s first mass flow controller available by catalogue distribution. The high

Test & Measurement | 25-05-2021

Breaking the size barrier in CO2 sensing

Sensirion now offers the drastically miniaturised CO2 sensor. Compared to its predecessor, the SCD4x CO2 sensor is seven times smaller and provides many more disruptive features. T

Test & Measurement | 06-05-2021

Real-time tracking solutions for supply chain visibility

Sensirion has announced that Tive’s multi-sensor tracker Solo 5G relies on its ISO 17025-certified humidity and temperature sensor SHT33. The Solo 5G provides the highest reliabili

Test & Measurement | 13-04-2021

Calibrated sensors for drugs and perishable goods transportation

Sensirion has launched its new calibrated and ISO 17025-certified temperature and humidity and temperature sensors. These sensors allow customers to deliver cost-efficient GDP-comp

Test & Measurement | 09-03-2021