Small form factor 3D stereo depth sensing camera for robotics

eCapture has introduced a small form factor stereoscopic 3D depth-sensing camera. The new LifeSense G53 is just 50mm x 14.9mm x 20mm and is created for depth capture and object tracking for industrial, robotics and other applications driven

eCapture | 27-08-2021

Introducing new EMC-filter for machinery and robotics

Schaffner has increased its popular FN3270 series to offer more options for machine builders. Building on the strengths of the successful FN3270 filter range, the new FN3271 filter is a remarkably compact and lightweight filter design needi

Schaffner EMV AG | 24-08-2021

Servo controller/driver module for robotics and automation equipment

TRINAMIC Motion Control GmbH & Co. KG, now part of Maxim Integrated Products, has launched the smallest and lowest-power single-axis servo controller/driver module which includes integrated motion control. The new TMCM-1321 servo contro

Trinamic | 19-05-2021

Sensor platforms for multiple applications including robotics and more

TDK InvenSense Smart Industrial Sensor Platforms, available now from Mouser, include 6-axis MEMS IMUs as well as 3-axis accelerometers. The IIM-46230, IIM-46234, and IIM-42652 are 6-axis IMUs that include a 3-axis gyroscope and 3-axis accel

Mouser Electronics | 17-03-2021

High-performance pneumatic clamps for automation and robotics applications

Elesa has partnered with Misati, whose high-performance pneumatic clamps provide exceptional clamping action in work holding or transport of assemblies in manufacturing operations. They are intended for robotic use, are easy to install, rob

Elesa | 15-01-2021

New eBook surveys next generation of robotics

Mouser has released a new eBook in collaboration with Texas Instruments, exploring best practices and strategies for creating the next generation of robot solutions. In ‘The Future of Robotics’, experts from the companies provide a collecti

Mouser Electronics | 18-12-2020

5G and AI-enabled robotics platform delivers cutting-edge connectivity

Qualcomm Technologies has announced the Qualcomm Robotics RB5 platform – the company’s most advanced, integrated, comprehensive offering created specifically for robotics. Building on the successful Robotics RB3 platform and its wide adopti

Qualcomm Technologies | 23-06-2020

Six-axis motion-tracking IMUs for drones and robotics applications

TDK InvenSense ICM-42688-P Six-Axis Motion-Tracking IMUs, available now from Mouser, offer ultrasonic-based obstacle detection regardless of object colour, materials, and ambient lighting conditions. The IMUs supply sensing without causing

Mouser Electronics | 02-06-2020

Robotics system lab kit speeds learning and building

Texas Instruments TIRSLK-EVM Robotics System Lab Kit quickens the learning and building of robotics systems, guiding students to investigate real-world applications. The kit is the fast track to enabling students to get up and running with

Texas Instruments | 20-02-2020

Examining the latest trends in robotics in new eBook

Mouser has published a new eBook in collaboration with TE Connectivity, highlighting new functions and applications in industrial robotics. In Solutions for Robots and Robot Control, engineers and subject matter experts from Mouser and TE p

Mouser Electronics | 18-12-2019

Ultracapacitors launched for warehouse robotics and smart factories

Skeleton Technologies offers a new ultracapacitor product platform, the SkelCap SCA0300, to satisfy the fast-growing markets in manufacturing and warehouse logistics. The strict power quality demands in manufacturing are driving the need

Skeleton Technologies | 05-12-2019

Position sensor offers robust high-resolution performance for robotics

Vishay Intertechnology offers a new high precision position sensor that provides a more robust performance than current absolute encoders and greater resolution and accuracy than traditional Hall effect sensors for industrial robotics and a

Vishay | 28-10-2019

Industrial development kit specifically for factory automation, robotics and more

Texas Instruments TMDSIDK574 Industrial Development Kit is a development platform for evaluating the industrial communication and control abilities of Sitara AM574x/2x processors. Particularly for use in applications in factory automation,

Texas Instruments | 18-09-2019

Mouser – New exclusive video showcases exclusive robotics discussion

Mouser has released a new video featuring celebrity engineer Grant Imahara’s panel discussion from the 2018 ECIA Executive Conference. The hour-long video panel discussion, titled 'How Robotics Will Shape Our Future', is the final episode o

Mouser Electronics | 22-02-2019