One-channel SMT laser for industrial LIDAR and ranging applications

01-09-2023 | Mouser Electronics | Industrial

Mouser now stocks the ams OSRAM SPL S1L90H one-channel SMT laser. The laser provides engineers with improved performance and easier optical integration for long-distance industrial ranging and LIDAR applications, including drones and robots, and building and industrial automation.

The SMT laser is a versatile, small-aperture EEL in an SMT package with advanced chip technology. The SPL S1L90H features the highest peak power (65W) and average power in the small package class. The device is one of the first surface-mount, edge-emitting lasers to offer a 110µm aperture, allowing a very narrow beam optimised for short-pulsed LiDAR applications.

The single-channel laser provides the company's multi-junction technology, comprising three vertically stacked emitters in a single laser die mounted inside the device's 2.3mm x 2mm x 0.69mm QFN package. This technology improves target area illumination at long-range distance measurement, 3D optical sensing, and SLAM applications.

The device's optimised, power-efficient pulsed laser facilitates a maximum pulse width of 50ns and is ideal for pulses shorter than 2ns. Beam divergence is just 10° (parallel) x 25° (perpendicular), allowing efficient beam shaping with its small aperture. It is specified for corrosion robustness to class 3B, with low thermal resistance for a more straightforward system thermal design.


By Seb Springall

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