Rotary position sensor brings high speed and accuracy to industrial applications

onsemi has launched an innovative dual-inductive rotary position sensor, which convinces with its speed and accuracy. The NCS32100 employs a newly patented approach to inductive position sensing, making it an excellent option for industrial

onsemi | 22-11-2022

Robust motion sensors deliver high performance to navigation applications

TDK Corporation extends the SmartIndustrial line of robust and accurate motion sensors with its InvenSense IIM-46234 and IIM-46230, new high-performance fault-tolerant IMU aimed at navigation applications that demand accurate, stable, and b

TDK | 17-11-2022

Carrier board reference design for AI and robotics platform

Arrow Electronics has announced JetCarrier96, a 96Boards Enterprise Edition-compliant carrier board for the NVIDIA Jetson family of system-on-modules. The board allows customers to speed up custom carrier board designs for applications,

Arrow | 15-11-2022

BLDC motor control provides reliable and scalable operation

onsemi has released its new ecoSpin family of BLDC motor controllers. Merging the control and driver functions in a complete SiP solution simplifies the development of high-voltage motor control systems in applications including HVAC, refri

onsemi | 02-11-2022

Compact shielded transformers for ultrasonic applications

TDK Corporation has released its new B78302A* series of compact EPCOS transformers with innovative E5 cores for ultrasonic applications. It includes three types with transformation ratios between 1:1:10.8 and 1:1:15.3. Dependant on the type

TDK | 01-11-2022

New fibre-optic gyroscopes offer outstanding accuracy and superior stability

Advanced Navigation announces Boreas D70, a fibre-optic gyroscope (FOG) inertial navigation system (INS). The system is the newest release in the Boreas digital FOG (DFOG) series, providing a new performance grade with outstanding accura

Advanced Navigation | 24-10-2022

GaN ICs shrink motor drives and speed time-to-market

EPC now offers the EPC9176, a three-phase BLDC motor drive inverter employing the EPC23102 ePower Stage GaN IC with embedded gate driver function and two GaN FETs with 5.2mOhm typical RDS(on). The device operates from an input supply voltag

EPC | 18-10-2022

EMC filter series for robotics and data centres

Schaffner has announced the availability of the new FN2520 and FN2660 high-performance EMC filters. These join the initial FN2500 and FN2640 models, extending the filter series designed for robotics and data centres. This new EMC filter

Schaffner EMV AG | 12-09-2022

New EMC filter series for robotics and datacentres

Schaffner has released the new FN2500/FN2640 – EMC filter series for robotics and datacentres. The new filters have been created to satisfy the specific needs of these two important and growing markets. These markets have technical necessit

Schaffner EMV AG | 31-05-2022

Empowering next generation of engineers through robotics competition sponsorship

Mouser has announced its exclusive sponsorship of the Hall of Fame at the FIRST Robotics Competition Championship, April 20–23 in Houston. The Hall of Fame displays the previous winners of the FIRST Robotics Competition Chairman’s Award, wh

Mouser Electronics | 21-04-2022

Robotics competition to empower next generation of engineers

Mouser is continuing sponsorship of the FIRST Robotics Competition, which encourages innovation and fosters well-rounded life capabilities in tens of thousands of young people each year. Through the 2020 competition season, nearly 100,000 h

Mouser Electronics | 01-04-2022

Current sense resistors for IoT and robotics

IoT and Robotics need high efficiency and small size to maximise functionality. For current sensing, this signifies high power in small case sizes and low resistance values. The CSSH0805 from Stackpole is an all-metal chip resistor with a 1

Stackpole | 01-09-2021

Small form factor 3D stereo depth sensing camera for robotics

eCapture has introduced a small form factor stereoscopic 3D depth-sensing camera. The new LifeSense G53 is just 50mm x 14.9mm x 20mm and is created for depth capture and object tracking for industrial, robotics and other applications driven

eCapture | 27-08-2021

Introducing new EMC-filter for machinery and robotics

Schaffner has increased its popular FN3270 series to offer more options for machine builders. Building on the strengths of the successful FN3270 filter range, the new FN3271 filter is a remarkably compact and lightweight filter design needi

Schaffner EMV AG | 24-08-2021