Single and dual-output through-hole DC-DC converters

Available in a through-hole package and providing 10W to 30W of power, Delta's S24SE and S24DE Series DC-DC converters are now available from Digi-Key. Featuring 1600VDC isolation in a standard 1 x 1 form factor (1.1" x 0.96" x 0.33")

Digikey | 20-08-2015

Microcontroller peripheral provides fuel gauging for single-cell Li-ion battery packs

This post is sponsored by Texas Instruments. The Texas Instruments (TI) bq27542-G1 Li-ion battery fuel gauge is a microcontroller peripheral that provides fuel gauging for single-cell Li-Ion battery packs. The device requires little sy

Texas Instruments | 20-08-2015

High-temperature SCRs offer high-thermal performance of 16A or 20A rms

Now available from Mouser, STMicroelectronics' TN Series high-temperature silicon-controlled rectifiers (SCRs) offer high-thermal performance of 16A or 20A rms. The TN Series noise immunity, gate triggering current and turn-on current ri

Mouser Electronics | 20-08-2015

High-efficiency LED drivers for non-dimmable retrofit LED bulb applications

Latest from Diodes Incorporated is the AL1678 family of LED Drivers, which are suitable for driving non-dimmable retrofit LED bulbs in general illumination applications that do not require high power factor (>0.7). Ensuring a low total c

Diodes Inc | 20-08-2015

High-voltage drivers for offline high-brightness LED lamps and more

Mouser now stocks Diodes Inc.'s AL99 Series high-voltage LED drivers. The devices provide an efficient solution for applications such as offline, high-brightness LED lamps. They feature internal MOSFETs that allow switching frequencies

Mouser Electronics | 20-08-2015

High-efficiency synchronous NVDC-1 battery charge controllers

This post is sponsored by Texas Instruments. Latest from Texas Instruments is the bq2477x range of high-efficiency, synchronous, NVDC-1 battery charge controllers, offering low component count for space-constrained, multi-chemistry bat

Texas Instruments | 19-08-2015

Enhanced dual high-speed 1.5A MOSFET drivers

Available now from RS Components, Microchip's TC4426/TC4427/TC4428 are improved versions of the earlier TC426/TC427/TC428 family of MOSFET drivers. The newcomers have matched rise and fall times when charging and discharging the gate of

RS Components | 18-08-2015

High-frequency N-channel MOSFET driver offers maximum control flexibility

This post is sponsored by Texas Instruments. The Texas Instruments UCC27201A-Q1 is a high-frequency N-channel MOSFET driver that includes a 120V bootstrap diode and high-side / low-side driver with independent inputs for maximum contro

Texas Instruments | 18-08-2015

Four-phase DC-DC step-down converter meets latest portable design needs

This post is sponsored by Texas Instruments. The Texas Instruments LP8758 is designed to meet the power management requirements of the latest application processors in mobile phones and similar portable applications. Controlled by an

Texas Instruments | 17-08-2015

Buck converters can drive both high-voltage and low-voltage piezoelectric loads

Now stocked by Farnell element14, Texas Instruments’ TPS544x25 PMBus 1.2 compliant, non-isolated SWIFT synchronous DC-DC buck converters with integrated FETs are capable of high-frequency operation and 20A or 30A current output from a 5m

Farnell element14 | 17-08-2015

Dual digital isolators integrate DC-DC converter

Mouser is now stocking Silicon Labs' Si88x2x dual digital isolators. The Si88x2x modules integrates proven digital isolator technology with an on-chip isolated DC-DC converter to provide regulated output voltages of 3.3V or 5V at peak o

Mouser Electronics | 17-08-2015

Pin-compatible upgrade for standard TC7660 charge pump voltage converter

Available now from RS Components, Microchip's TC7662B is a pin-compatible upgrade to the Industry standard TC7660 charge pump voltage converter. The device converts a +1.5V to +15V input to a corresponding -1.5 to -15V output using onl

RS Components | 14-08-2015

PMBus protocol added to Xsolo power supply platform for remote monitoring

Excelsys Technologies has announced availability of PMBus communications on its Xsolo series of 1U, single-output power supply units (PSUs). The Xsolo units equipped with an optional I2C digital interface can be remotely monitored by system

Excelsys | 14-08-2015

High performance 10W DIP-24 DC-DC converters for demanding applications

The THM-10WI range of high-performance, regulated 10W DC-DC converters is now stocked by Farnell element14. The units come in a DIP-24 plastic package and have a reinforced I/O-isolation system that complies with the medical safety requ

Farnell element14 | 14-08-2015