AC/DC modules satisfy ecodesign specifications

Dengrove Electronic Components now offer the RECOM RAC04-K/277 AC/DC 4W power modules, which satisfy the latest EU ErP Lot 6 ecodesign specifications for standby and off-mode that

Power | 13-01-2020

Medically-certified converters save space in SIP package

Dengrove Electronic Components now offer RECOM REM2 isolated DC-DC converters that save space in medical applications by providing up to 2W and 2MOPP/250VAC working voltage in a na

Power | 29-11-2019

Power supply reference designs solve railway-specific surge-protection challenges

Two new RECOM railway power supply reference designs offered now by Dengrove Electronic Components, resolve engineering challenges which include filter layout for EN 50121-3-2 EMC

Power | 30-08-2019

EMI-filter inductors simplify EMC compliance and accelerate time to market

Dengrove Electronic Components are solving power supply designers’ EMC-compliance challenges with the latest RLS series of surface-mount line inductors from RECOM. Intended for use

Passives | 05-08-2019

Wide-input isolated converters deliver flexibility with space savings

For cost-sensitive applications where board space is at a premium, Dengrove Electronic Components offers the new RECOM REC15E-Z isolated DC-DC converters featuring a 4:1 input-volt

Power | 08-07-2019

Compact 2-MOPP DC-DC modules deliver up to 30W for patient-connected applications

Dengrove Electronic Components now the latest RECOM medical-certified DC-DC modules provides high power from a small outline and meet safety requirements for 2 MOPP at 250VAC.

Products | 11-04-2019

Compact, low profile buck-boost regulator is quietly efficient with six-sided shielding

Now available from Dengrove Electronic Components, provided as a 25-pad LGA with six-sided shielding, the RECOM RBB10 buck-boost converter is perfect for equipment such as USB volt

Products | 04-12-2018

Compact AC/DC converters power energy-conscious IoT or industrial devices

Dengrove Electronic Components can offer power supplies for small IoT devices and industrial controls, with the launch of the RECOM RAC05-K series of highly integrated 5W AC/DC con

Products | 20-12-2017

DC-DC Converters provide perfect power for high-performance SiC gate drivers

Dengrove Electronic Components are helping engineers working with SiC MOSFETs overcome design challenges and increase system reliability with its latest DC-DC converters, which are

Products | 07-11-2017

DC-DC converter module save space, energy and time at the test house

Now available from Dengrove Electronic Components ideal for saving space in medical-device designs, the RECOM REM1 series, is a 1W DC-DC converter family certified to medical IEC/E

Products | 16-10-2017

Compact surface-mount isolated converters are certified to new international safety standard

The latest RECOM R1SX 1W unregulated DC-DC converters are now available at Dengrove Electronic Components and are only 5.5mm high, as well as 20% slimmer than alternative converter

Products | 21-08-2017

DC-DC converters simplify power design and meet international specifications

Dengrove Electronic Components now stocks the new RECOM REC3A, REC5A and REC6A isolated DC-DC converters. The devices require no external filter components to pass EN 55022 class-A

Products | 06-07-2017

New boost converters make greater use of energy from any 1.5V cell

Dengrove Electronic Components offer RECOM R-78S boost switching regulators which enable designers to power devices such as microcontrollers, radio modules, or energy-conscious IoT

Products | 16-06-2017

DIN-rail PSUs go beyond rated power to boost productivity, saving both cost and size

Available now from Dengrove Electronic Components are new DIN-rail power supplies that can deliver up to 50% above rated power, which enables equipment to operate continuously duri

Products | 07-04-2017