Farnell element14

PSU designed to meet the need for flexibility in the choice of voltage and current

The AIM-TTi PowerFlex design of the CPX series enables higher currents to be generated at lower voltages within an overall power limit envelope. The device is available now from Fa

Products | 20-03-2017

New board is highly integrated development platform with a broad range of functions

The ST Microelectronics STEVAL-STLKT01V1 is a development kit for SensorTile board. The board is a highly integrated development platform with a broad range of functions aimed at i

Distributors | 17-03-2017

Miniaturised adaptation of Arduino/Genuino board to fit breadboards easily

The Element14 tinyTILE board, from Farnell element14, can be programmed using either the Arduino IDE or Intel’s own software – the Intel Curie Open Developer Kit (CODK). The re

Distributors | 16-03-2017

RF fixed length cable assemblies for commercial and industrial applications

Available now from Farnell element14, Amphenol RF pre-configured cable assemblies are available in a wide range of configurations, lengths, and on a variety of cable types. Cables

Products | 15-03-2017

Function generator can replicate the capabilities of traditional pulse generators

The AIM-TTI Instruments TGP3100 Series are true pulse generators using all digital techniques. They can replicate the capabilities of traditional pulse generators whilst adding ma

Products | 14-03-2017

Polyester film capacitor has a high pulse strength and high contact reliability

The B32529C0104K000 from Epcos is a metallised polyester film capacitor for coupling and decoupling. It is available now from Farnell element14. This capacitor has parallel wire le

Products | 13-03-2017

Dual channel digital storage oscilloscope can record anything the device can capture

This bitscope 20mhz dual channel digital storage oscilloscope has up to 12 bit analog sample resolution and high speed real-time waveform display. Its 40 MSPS x 8 Channel Logic Ana

Products | 10-03-2017

Kit contains everything needed to support the microcontroller board

Stocked by Farnell element14, the Arduino Uno is a microcontroller board based on the ATmega328. It has 14 digital input/output pins (of which six can be used as PWM outputs), six

Distributors | 09-03-2017

Machinery drives designed to be fast to install, parameter-set and commission

The ACS355-03E-03A3-4 from ABB is a 380VAC to 480VAC three-phase AC supply. ACS355 drives are designed for the machine building sector. In serial type manufacturing the consumed ti

Products | 08-03-2017

Accurate green laser level has rugged design to withstands rough handling

Available now from Farnell element14, Fluke laser levels are built with the ruggedness expected from the company. Designed and tested to survive a one meter drop, will still maint

Products | 07-03-2017

Film suppression capacitor for use as an electromagnetic interference suppressor

The Kemet PME271E series consists of multilayer metallized paper, encapsulated and impregnated in self-extinguishing material meeting the requirements of UL 94 V-0. It is available

Products | 06-03-2017

Oscilloscope designed for outstanding waveform visualization and analysis

Available now from Farnell element14, with a nine-inch WVGA display, 20 million point record length and 1GS/s sample rate, the Tektronix TBS2074 Oscilloscope capture and display si

Products | 03-03-2017

Next-generation, high performance one-channel soldering stations

The Weller WT1010 soldering station is one of the company’s next-generation, one-channel soldering stations. They are available now from Farnell element14. The detailed LC disp

Products | 02-03-2017

Comprehensive evaluation kit offers rich peripherals and software

The Embest EVK-PH8700, available from Farnell element14, is a comprehensive evaluation kit for SOM-PH8700(AM335X). It consists of SOM-PH8700 and its carrier board BB-PH180 which is

Distributors | 01-03-2017