Miniature MLCCs help shrink PCBs in applications above 100µF

The new Murata GRM Series of 1206 and 1210 size monolithic ceramic capacitors (MLCCs) are now available from TTI Europe. As electronic products need to deliver ever-greater levels of functionality within smaller devices, the available

TTI Europe | 19-02-2016

ThermoFuse varistors offer intrinsically-safe over-voltage protection

TDK-Epcos ThermoFuse varistors offer intrinsically safe over-voltage protection. The components are based on disk varistors with diameters of 14mm (T14 series) and 20mm (T20 series) that are connected in series with a thermally-coupled fuse

TDK-Epcos | 19-02-2016

New IGBT and MOSFET driver for high-energy applications

An IGBT and MOSFET driver for motor drives, alternative energy, welding equipment and many other high-energy applications, the Vishay VOW3120 is now available from Farnell element14. Featuring an LED optically coupled to an integrated

Farnell element14 | 18-02-2016

SMD MEMS oscillators in a variety of industry-standard packages

Available in a variety of industry-standard package sizes with output frequencies between 1MHz-137MHz, Abracon ASTMHT SMD MEMS oscillators are now available from Mouser stock. The ASTMHT oscillators feature low current consumption, a w

Mouser Electronics | 16-02-2016

Magnetically shielded high-current power inductors

Coiltronics / Eaton HCM Series high-current power inductors are now available from Mouser stock. The standard grade inductors are magnetically shielded with low EMI and are suitable for multi-phase regulators, graphics cards, and desktop

Mouser Electronics | 16-02-2016

Metal-composite power inductors can be designed into many circuits

Automotive design requirements are becoming increasingly demanding - ECU designs have to fulfil more functionality in ever-smaller packages while high power, high current, high efficiency and low power consumption are required. To meet

TTI Europe | 15-02-2016

Ultra-low ESR and high-Q MLC capacitors offer increased design scope

Knowles / DLI has announced a number of specification extensions to its ultra-low ESR and high-Q MLC capacitors. In both cases DLI have taken the temperature performance to a higher level of 175C giving engineers more scope in their des

Knowles | 15-02-2016

Wide-terminal chip resistors for auto, telecom and consumer electronics

Designed for high accuracy and current detection applications, Mouser now stocks, KOA's Speer WU73 Series wide-terminal chip resistors. The 1W, low-ohm resistor is available in an 0612 package and resistance values from 10mohm to 100mo

Mouser Electronics | 11-02-2016

Tiny 1206 and 1210 size high-capacity monolithic ceramic capacitors

Murata’s GRM series of 1206 and 1210 size monolithic ceramic capacitors (MLCCs) are now available from TTI Europe. As the functionality of electronic devices becomes more advanced and the available enclosure space becomes even more con

TTI Europe | 10-02-2016

New conductive polymer chip capacitors for demanding automotive applications

AVX has introduced the robust new TCQ Series automotive conductive polymer chip capacitors. Qualified to the Automotive Electronics Council's AEC-Q200 specification for passive components, the TCQ Series meets the AEC's challenging 125C lif

AVX | 10-02-2016

Common-mode choke finder allows engineers to search a range of frequencies

Coilcraft has launched an all-new Common Mode Choke Finder web tool that allows users to search and compare hundreds of common-mode filter options quickly and conveniently. Search results are presented in a clear table sorted by the highest

Coilcraft Europe | 10-02-2016

New AEC-Q200-qualified metal electrode leadless face resistors

Stackpole has introduced the MLFA Series of AEC-Q200-qualified precision metal electrode leadless face (MELF) resistors. AEC-Q200 has become an important passive component qualification standard for a variety of industries and end prod

Stackpole | 10-02-2016

Latest 220mF supercapacitors offer lowest profile currently available

Murata has expanded its DMT supercapacitor series lineup with the addition of the 220mF model with the lowest profile currently available. Now stocked by Digi-Key, the DMT Series Supercapacitors (EDLCs) are energy-storage devices with

Digikey | 08-02-2016

Latest miniature polymer tantalum capacitors offer highest CV and lowest ESR

AVX has announced its F38 Series miniature, undertab, conductive polymer tantalum capacitors, which already offered the smallest and highest CV polymer tantalum capacitors in the industry - 0603 capacitors with an ultralow profile of 0.9mm,

AVX | 05-02-2016