M12 connectors as SMT variants for efficient automated processes

binder offers products from several M12 series as SMDs. They are appropriate for further processing in fully automated processes, such as for the particularly dense, double-sided a

Industrial | 10-04-2024

Industrial circular connectors are safe to use and contamination-proof

Binder now offers its 709 and 719 series products with a new overmoulding for the straight versions. High retention forces characterise the connectors featuring snap-in locking – m

Industrial | 07-03-2024

Cable connector with protective IP67 cap IP67 even when unmated

binder has added protective caps for the cable connectors to its NCC (Not Connected Closed) 670 and 770-series portfolio. Their task is to stop the ingress of particles and humidit

Industrial | 31-01-2024

M12 connectors suited to AC and DC applications in factory automation

binder has expanded its M12 portfolio by adding K- and L-coded over-moulded cable connectors of the 823 and 824 series, created according to UL 2238. These are mainly intended for

Industrial | 07-12-2023

Power connectors for the North American market

Binder offers K- and L-coded panel mount parts within its 824/823 product series, which are intended for power applications in the North American market in compliance with the UL 2

Industrial | 02-11-2023

Bayonet connector offers a rugged power and signal interface with quick locking

binder offers the Power Bayonet Connector PBC15. Its size corresponds to an M15 thread. Therefore, in the field of power supply connectors, it bridges the gap between the widely us

Industrial | 12-10-2023

Harsh-environment connector for outdoor power

Binder offers the 696-series Harsh-Environment Connector (HEC) for outdoor use in extreme weather, humidity, dust, contact with liquids, extreme temperatures, or vibrations. The po

Industrial | 04-08-2023

Small-sized M5 angled panel mount connectors

binder now offers compact angled panel mount parts in M5 size. The three- or four-pin connectors of the 707 series are equipped with dip solder contacts for PCB mounting, and screw

Industrial | 06-07-2023

Plastic angled connectors designed for tight installation spaces

Plastic angled connectors with snap-in locking are sensitive to faulty handling and therefore challenging in design terms. For the 720 miniature series, binder has created a safe a

Industrial | 19-06-2023

Portfolio of ready-to-connect connectors for mobile machines

binder provides ready-to-connect connector solutions for the Deutsch DT, AMP Superseal and AMP CPC model series and connectors from its portfolio as part of its Plug & Play pro

Automotive & Transport | 04-05-2023

Easy locking connector is resilient and safe in medical devices

binder's Easy Locking Connector supplies medical equipment with a robust and reliable interface. The Medical Design Briefs journal honoured the safe and biocompatible circular conn

Industrial | 14-04-2023

Corrosion-protected sensor connectors in a stainless-steel design

binder provides M5, M8, and M12 products for sensor cabling that supply threaded locking rings and other design parts constructed from stainless steel. Unlike conventional connecto

Industrial | 08-03-2023

M12-type connectors for signals, data and electrical power

binder has expanded several M12 series for automation technology with multiple products. Applications vary from basic sensor/actuator cabling to industrial measurement and control

Industrial | 02-02-2023

M16 circular connectors suited to crimp termination

binder provides its M16-size products, such as the 423 series, for crimp termination. The crimping technology allows users to swiftly and easily wire the connectors on-site. It als

Industrial | 04-01-2023