Robust and reliable power supplies for demanding medical applications

COSEL Co, Ltd has expanded its medical power range, adding a 1500W version to its PJMA series. The new devices have a universal input range of 85VAC to 264VAC and comply with international safety standards. Developed for demanding medical a

Cosel | 14-10-2022

Global survey results on state of diagnostic wearables

Molex has released the results of a global survey of design engineering stakeholders to identify market drivers impacting the development of diagnostic wearables that allow patients, caregivers and consumers to monitor and analyse data rega

Molex | 04-10-2022

Multimodal sensor for wearable health and industrial monitoring applications

Analog Devices Inc ADPD4200 Sensor, available now from Mouser, functions as a complete multimodal sensor front end, stimulating up to four LEDs. This sensor also measures the return signal on up to four separate current inputs. The senso

Mouser Electronics | 28-07-2022

Systems offer secure power for healthcare applications

Specific features on the Protect 8 series from AEG Power Solutions, available now from Luso Electronics, allow the system to satisfy the standards for power supplies in the healthcare environment, which are among the most stringent worldwid

Luso | 22-07-2022

Next-generation medical and health AFE sensors for vital sign monitoring

ams OSRAM AS7056 and AS7057 Medical and Health Sensors, available now from Mouser, are next-generation AFE vital sign sensors. The devices enable users to detect biosignals such as PPG, PTT, and proximity. PPG is the most used HRM method, m

Mouser Electronics | 10-06-2022

Wall-mount AC/DC power supplies have enhanced home healthcare design

XP Power has launched three new series of IP22-rated wall-mount power supplies that provide notable benefits to the rapidly growing home healthcare market. The devices are ideal for a wide range of cost-sensitive industrial and medical appl

XP | 06-06-2022

Efficient device connection in healthcare and industry

Binder now offers overmoulded cable connectors of the 770 NCC series. When mated, the products satisfy the requirements of protection degree IP67 and are therefore dust-tight and protected against temporary submersion. When unplugged, they

Binder | 09-05-2022

Enhancing post-COVID sterilisation solutions with partnership

Anglia Components has expanded its range of Ultraviolet LED solutions through a new partnership with Bolb. The new range of components caters to the growing demand for sanitisation devices as lockdown lifts. Bolb UVC LEDs boast industry-

Anglia | 15-07-2021

Ambient air sensor module useful for COVID-19 prevention

Alps Alpine has a developed an Ambient Air Sensor Module to achieve high accuracy sensing of CO2 concentrations, temperature and humidity in the direct surroundings. The module could be employed in restaurants and entertainment facilities t

Alps Alpine | 01-07-2021

Rugged hinges for COVID barriers and shields

The construction of COVID protective 'spit screens' or barriers is made simpler with rugged 1056 program hinges from EMKA. Supermarket checkouts, shop cashpoints and other public service positions are able to add the flexibility of hinged p

Emka | 08-10-2020

Bluetooth modules instrumental in COVID-19 track and trace wearable devices

U-blox has verified that its Bluetooth 5 modules are being developed into wearable devices that are serving to combat the global COVID-19 pandemic. Offered as either a wristband or a pendant, the TDS 50 has been produced by Electronic Prece

U-Blox | 09-09-2020

Reach extended for COVID-19 exposure notification systems

The Bluetooth SIG stated that work is underway to produce a specification that will allow wearable devices to engage in an existing smartphone-based Exposure Notification System (ENS). By increasing an ENS to incorporate wearables, such as

Bluetooth SIG | 19-08-2020

Enhanced customised display options for ‘COVID-aware’ user interface designs

Anglia Components has announced an enhanced range of customised display options, providing designers with the flexibility to produce their own components when off-the-shelf solutions do not meet their needs, for example in creating new COVI

Anglia | 05-06-2020

New features for Bluetooth low energy SoCs to reduce COVID-19 spread

Dialog Semiconductor now offers a new Wireless Ranging (WiRa) SDK that adds highly accurate and reliable distance measurement abilities to its DA1469x family of BLE SoCs. The demand for more accurate and reliable distance measurement and

Dialog Semiconductor | 26-05-2020