Small quantity overmoulding for medical technology

20-11-2023 | ODU Connectors | Industrial

ODU develops total systems and standard connectors for medical applications from MRI devices to endoscopy, developed to the strictest regulations and applicable standards.

In applications involving high currents or temperatures, where high data rates are transmitted through copper or fibre optics and where sealing is important – it is not enough to offer a high-quality connector and disregard the cable assembly.

With a complete solution from a single source, the company can ensure the reliability of the total cable assembly.

In the medical industry, silicone moulding is employed because it allows absolute resistant, yet flexible, connection of the cables to the connector. Silicone overmoulding cannot be peeled off or detached even after the necessary autoclaving cycles (steam sterilisation at up to 134C and 3,040mbar).

Biocompatibility concerning cytotoxicity (outgassing) is tested to DIN EN ISO 10993-5 and confirmed by an external testing laboratory.

By Seb Springall