Advanced oscilloscopes combine cutting-edge technology with user-friendly operation

Saelig Company, Inc. now offers the Pico Technology PS3417E and PS3418E, the world's first USB-powered 5GSa/s PC-based oscilloscopes, an expansion of the PicoScope 3000 series. The two four analog channel models, with 350MHz and 500MHz band

Saelig | 17-06-2024

New ICeGaN GaN power ICs facilitate the highest efficiency levels

Cambridge GaN Devices has launched its lowest-ever on-resistance (RDS(on)) parts, engineered with a new die and new packages to provide the benefits of GaN to high-power applications such as data centres, inverters, motor drives, and other

Cambridge GaN Devices | 17-06-2024

BLDC motor hardware-software combo slashes inverter sleep-mode consumption

Power Integrations has enhanced its hardware-software bundle for BLDC with BridgeSwitch-2, a new high-voltage integrated half-bridge (IHB) motor-driver IC family targeting applications up to 1HP (746W). The new ICs, which feature high- and

Power Integrations | 17-06-2024

SiC diodes portfolio now addresses automotive and wider industrial applications

Nexperia has announced that its class-leading 650V, 10A SiC Schottky diode is now automotive qualified (PSC1065H-Q) and offered in real-two-pin (R2P) DPAK (TO-252-2) packaging, making it suited to various applications in EVs and other autom

Nexperia | 17-06-2024

New incremental encoder supports smaller shaft sizes

CUI Devices' Motion and Control Group has announced a new model to its AMT incremental encoder family that supports smaller motor shaft sizes from 1mm to 6.35mm (1/4 inch). The AMT12 series, based on its proprietary capacitive ASIC technolo

CUI Devices | 17-06-2024

Wi-Fi HaLow module is ideal for the most demanding IoT applications

Mouser now stocks the FGH100M Wi-Fi HaLow module from Quectel. The module provides Sub-1GHz long-range wireless data transmission for indoor and outdoor IoT applications, with low power consumption and ten times the range of traditional Wi-

Mouser Electronics | 14-06-2024

Pre-built gain horn antennas are improved with coax adapters in cage-style mounts

Fairview Microwave has launched its in-house, pre-built gain horn antennas. These new offerings improve the company's standard gain horns by adding coaxial adapters and an innovative cage-style mount. The upgrades simplify mounting and impr

Fairview Microwave | 14-06-2024

Expanded surface mount and module package options for 1200V aSiC MOSFETs

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Limited has expanded its package portfolio options available for their second generation 650V to 1200V aSiC MOSFETs. Applicable to many critical applications such as xEV charging, solar inverters, and industria

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor | 14-06-2024

Vibration solution kits alert users to defects and problems

FLIR, a Teledyne Technologies company, has released the FLIR SV88 and SV89 Vibration Monitoring Solution Kits, which help you monitor critical equipment by continuously analysing vibrations, detecting faults, and alerting users to potential

Teledyne FLIR | 14-06-2024

High-efficiency PFET buck controller simplifies advanced power management solutions

WIN SOURCE now offers the Texas Instruments LM3485MMX/NOPB PFET buck controller, which stands out as a versatile and highly efficient device designed to meet the demands of various power management applications. This component offers develo

WIN SOURCE | 14-06-2024

A game changer for process industries via Ethernet-APL

The key technology Ethernet-APL meets all promises and brings digitalisation to every corner of a process plant: the fast and efficient communication of large amounts of data is barrier-free and reliable in potentially explosive areas. A

Pepperl+Fuchs | 14-06-2024

Optimised tests on test benches with new execution platform

Vector has introduced the real-time execution platform VN8917. The platform, which comprises a high-performance base device and various interface plug-in modules, optimises tests with complex MATLAB simulations or CANoe configurations. T

Vector | 14-06-2024

New platform for developing proof-of-concept IoT applications

Mouser now stocks the XPLR-IOT-1 Explorer kit from u-blox. The kit provides a complete platform for developing proof-of-concept IoT applications for sensor networks, environmental control, medical devices, smart appliances, lighting applica

Mouser Electronics | 13-06-2024

Advanced RF fixed attenuators and terminations achieve precise signal modulation

Pasternack now offers its latest series of RF fixed attenuators and terminations, crafted to accommodate applications up to 18GHz. This new product line is designed with the highest precision, providing maximum power ratings of 2W, 10W a

Pasternack | 13-06-2024