Highest performance plug-in card launched

Concurrent Technologies has released its highest-performance PIC – the TR MAA/9sd-AFT. The new variant of its flagship PIC, with enhanced operational performance unlocked, utilises

Industrial | 17-11-2023

New switch plug-in-card provides secure high bandwidth switch connections

Concurrent Technologies has launched Iris, a dual enclave switch card. The company will market it as a plug-in-card (PIC) to other system integrators and use it as the basis for it

Industrial | 23-08-2023

A new rugged switch system solution launched

Concurrent Technologies has announced the launch of Hermod, a brand-new rugged switch system solution. The launch of the solution further expands the company's growing systems-orie

Industrial | 28-10-2022

Primary and secondary compute intensive 3U VPX plug-in card

Concurrent Technologies has released a 3U VPX rugged server Plug-In Card (PIC) based on the recently announced Intel Xeon D-1700 processor. TRMAx/6sd-RCR has been created to meet t

Design & Manufacture | 04-03-2022

Assured PNT plug-in card solution for defence applications

Concurrent Technologies has released a rugged 3U VPX Position, Navigation and Timing (PNT) Plug-In Card. Developed in alignment with the SOSA Technical Standard, PR A11/61d-RCR pro

Test & Measurement | 01-02-2022

Card system controller for high-performance sensor-based solutions

A new 3U VPX conduction-cooled plug-in card based on the Intel Xeon W-11000E Series processor (formerly known as Tiger Lake-H) has been released by Concurrent Technologies. The dev

Subs & Systems | 13-08-2021

PIC is ideal for SWaP constrained applications

Concurrent Technologies launches a new 3U VPX Plug-in Card (PIC) designed in alignment with the SOSA Technical Standard. This new I/O intensive processor is aimed at multiple Situa

Subs & Systems | 05-08-2021

Latest module introduces flexible fabric configuration

Concurrent Technologies has announced that its AM C8x/msd AdvancedMC module is now shipping in deployment quantities. Since the first development boards were provided in 2020, the

Subs & Systems | 23-04-2021

CompactPCI processor board offers better performance and security

Concurrent Technologies has released a further 6U CompactPCI processor board from its product roadmap. PP F84/m3d is offered to customers who require better performance and securit

Subs & Systems | 27-11-2020

AdvancedMC processor board offered with fabric options

Concurrent Technologies has released a full-size AdvancedMC processor board that is based on a six-core Intel Xeon E-2276ME processor with a 2.8GHz base frequency for high-performa

Subs & Systems | 10-11-2020

PCI Express and Ethernet switch with simple command line configuration options

Concurrent Technologies has released the FR 342/x06, a new 3U VPX switch. The switch supports six payload boards and is based around a Broadcom PEX9700 series device for high bandw

Connectors, Switches & EMECH | 20-10-2020

Enhanced range of storage satisfies demand for rugged conduction-cooled systems

Concurrent Technologies has teamed up with Vanguard Rugged Storage to offer an enhanced range of storage solutions for VPX based systems. With the adoption of workload consolidatio

Subs & Systems | 02-03-2020

High-performance accelerator engine focused around Inference at the Edge applications

Concurrent Technologies now offer their first, high-performance 3U VPX accelerator engine based on an Intel Altera FPGA. TR AEx/3sd-RCx is focused around Inference at the Edge appl

Subs & Systems | 07-02-2020

Development system offers a high-performance processor and four peripheral slots

Concurrent Technologies has released the SY TR2/525, a 3U VPX development system complete with an eight or 12-core computing board that has a direct PCI Express link to four slots

Products | 28-11-2018