Development kit offers a rich set of onboard features

05-05-2021 | RS Components | Development Boards

The Renesas Electronics evaluation kit with EK-RA2L1 board, available now from RS Components, is designed with two of three sections or areas to assist in shortening the learning curve of users and maximise the design and knowledge reuse among similar kits.

The kit enables users to seamlessly evaluate the features of the RA2L1 MCU group and develop embedded systems applications using Flexible Software Package and e2 studio IDE. Users can utilise rich onboard features along with their choice of popular ecosystems add-ons to bring their big ideas to life.

The key features of the kit include RA MCU, 48MHz Arm Cortex-M23 core, with 256kB Code Flash, 32kB SRAM, providing 100 pins in an LQFP package. The native pin access is through 1 x 40-pin and 3 x 20-pin male headers. It offers multiple clock sources – Low-precision clocks are available internal to the RA MCU. Furthermore, an RA MCU oscillator and sub-clock oscillator crystals, 20MHz and 32,768Hz are provided for precision.

By Natasha Shek