New sensor for steer-by-wire released

Melexis has added the MLX90427 to its magnetic position sensor portfolio. The product is tailored for embedded position sensor applications requiring high functional safety levels.

Semiconductors | 20-05-2024

Fully integrated inductive switch enables small module designs

Melexis has revealed its Induxis switch, the MLX92442. Contactless, magnet-free, and strayfield immune, this monolithic solution directly detects conductive targets. It allows smal

Automotive & Transport | 24-04-2024

New approach to dynamic RGB-LED application development

Melexis has unveiled the ADK81116 application development kit. Developed to simplify the development of dynamic RGB-LED automotive applications, this comprehensive solution comes w

Automotive & Transport | 09-04-2024

Pressure sensors to revolutionise the world of MEMS

Melexis has launched the MLX90830, its first product to offer the new patented Triphibian technology. This exceptional miniaturised MEMS pressure sensor handles gas and liquid medi

Test & Measurement | 24-01-2024

Squeezing ultimate performance in a tiny 3D magnetometer

Melexis now offers the MLX90394 Triaxis micropower magnetometer, a tiny Hall-effect-based sensor. It faultlessly balances the design trade-off between low noise, current consumptio

Test & Measurement | 20-12-2023

Proven safety inserted into smart shunt solutions

Melexis releases the new MLX91231, increasing its automotive current sensor range by adding a shunt-based sensing solution. This IVT (current, voltage, and temperature) device meet

Semiconductors | 13-12-2023

Experience complete in-cabin monitoring solution

Melexis and emotion3D are launching a revolutionary automotive in-cabin monitoring solution based on 3D ToF technology. It overcomes the limitations of established driver monitorin

Semiconductors | 06-12-2023

Cutting edge inductive position sensing now available

Melexis unveils the MLX90513. This inductive sensor IC with excellent accuracy is developed specifically for automotive pedal and steering applications. Thanks to the device, this

Semiconductors | 28-11-2023

High-accuracy magnetic position sensor for linear stroke

Melexis has expanded its MLX9042x series of 3D magnetic position sensing solutions with the MLX90423. This new device blends high accuracy for long strokes (up to 30mm), stray fiel

Semiconductors | 24-10-2023

Micropower switch extends battery runtime for IoT

Melexis has announced the MLX92216 and MLX92217 ultra-low-power Hall effect switches. The one-microwatt power consumption and narrower tolerances lead to a predictable power budget

Industrial | 11-10-2023

Boosting accuracy of Hall-effect DC current sensing

Melexis has released the MLX91230, the first product of its third generation of current sensors. This digital solution brings 0.5% accuracy at an affordable price in a compact desi

Power | 19-09-2023

Motor driver boosts new functions for EVs premiumisation

Melexis has released the MLX81334, a motor driver designed to optimise EV thermal valves (accurate battery temperature control) and expansion valves (heat pump refrigeration loop).

Power | 06-07-2023

ToF sensor supports functional safety applications

Melexis strengthens its position in ToF technology via further product range expansion. The new MLX75027RTI meets the functional safety necessities of automotive and industrial cus

Test & Measurement | 26-06-2023

PCB-less pressure sensor IC platform has extended robustness to harsh media

Melexis has added two new products to its PCB-less pressure sensors family. The MLX90823 (analogue output) and MLX90825 (digital SENT output) are relative pressure sensors which ma

Test & Measurement | 11-04-2023