Application kits for fast and easy development for automotive and industrial

19-07-2021 | RS Components | Development Boards

RS Components offers a new range of evaluation and development kits for Infineon’s AURIX family of microcontrollers, which are based on the manufacturer’s 32-bit TriCore microprocessor core.

The AURIX TriCore concept merges the elements of a RISC processor core, a microcontroller and a DSP in a single microcontroller chip that comprises embedded safety and security features, making it an excellent choice for electronics designers developing systems for a broad variety of automotive and industrial applications.

The Arduino-compatible low-cost evaluation and development kits vary from simple design projects up to more sophisticated designs. In addition, and to simplify development, the AURIX platform provides a highly IDE environment giving engineers everything they require to compile, debug, and Flash program their AURIX MCU based applications.

The AURIX TC297 TFT application kit, for example, provides a low-cost and flexible application development platform for the 32-bit AURIX TriCore platform. The kit is provided with multiple on-board components with specific features incorporating the TC297 controller in a 292-pin LFBGA package, a 320 x 240 LCD, SD card slot, high-speed CAN transceiver, and acoustic beeper.

At the high end of the portfolio, the range provides fully-featured kits aimed at automotive and industrial use cases such as motor control units or automotive gateways. While at the lower end, the range comprises the TC275 ‘lite’ and the TC375 lite kit, both supported by the free of charge IDE (AURIX development studio). Also, the TC275 ‘shield buddy’ and the TC375 lite kit low-cost kits follow the Arduino standard, making it compatible with many widely available application shields.

The portfolio offers a wide range of options for engineers, including an extensive choice of memories, frequencies, peripheral sets, temperatures, and packaging options.

By Natasha Shek