SOM development kit platform simplifies embedded product development

06-07-2021 | Mouser Electronics | Development Boards

DIGI ConnectCore 8M Mini Development Kit is a SOM platform based on the NXP i.MX 8M Mini applications processor. The kit is available now from Mouser. The Mini Dev Kit combines memory, DIGI Microcontroller Assist power management, pre-certified wireless connectivity, and advanced DIGI TrustFence device security.

Additionally, the DIGI TrustFence device security is a complete, open-source Linux software platform based on the Yocto Project and comprehensive Android support through Digi Embedded Android. The SOM platform simplifies embedded product development by removing the complexity and risk of custom board designs.

The kit provides multiple display interfaces, camera, audio, DIGI XBee modules, and other hardware options for optimal flexibility and user experience.

The kit comprises the Digi ConnectCore 8M Mini development board, console port cable, dual-band antenna, power supply and accessories, reference designs for LVDS, HDMI and CAN-FD.

By Natasha Shek