Abaco Systems

New rugged COTS secure router features virtual firewall

AMETEK Abaco Systems has launched the VSR8000, a fully rugged secure router offering Juniper Networks Junos vSRX Virtual Firewall. This provides a COTS LRU version of the launched

Connectors, Cables & Enclosures | 20-07-2022

OpenVPX development chassis cuts costs and time to market

AMETEK Abaco Systems has launched the DEVPX3 development chassis, aligned to OpenVPX and SOSA standards, offering a flexible, cost-effective platform for open-standards-based appli

Design & Manufacture | 29-04-2022

New SBCs feature latest Intel technology and deliver highest performance

Two new rugged computers from Abaco Systems offer the recently introduced Intel Xeon D-2700 processor producing powerful 100GbE capability. The HPC2812 6U VPX HPC and the SBC3612D

Subs & Systems | 03-03-2022

Cyber resiliency solution mitigates threats in real-time

Abaco Systems has released 1553Guard, a new security technology for MIL-STD-1553-based systems which provides an additional layer of protection against cyber-attacks. 1553Guard is

New Technologies | 25-11-2021

Innovative security upgrades to switch management software

Abaco Systems has released OpenWare V6.6, which provides an innovative networking solution with extra features and security patches on its flexible networking management software.

Design & Manufacture | 18-10-2021

Innovative upgrade path protects customers from obsolescence

Abaco Systems has released the PMC523 16-port serial controller and the SPR518 PCI Express XMC carrier card. Both offer innovative upgrade paths to protect its customers from obsol

Subs & Systems | 09-09-2021

New dev kit for user development of unallocated FPGA resources

Abaco Systems now offers the Hardware Development Kit (HDK), a tool enabling users to develop unallocated Xilinx FPGA resources on Abaco boards. The HDK employs specific features i

Development Boards | 05-08-2021

New video capture and graphics output board

Abaco Systems has released the GRA115V, a rugged 3U VPX video capture, processing and output board offering the latest NVIDIA Turing based Quadro RTX 3000 GPU. This board provides

Subs & Systems | 23-07-2021

FPGA mezzanine card offers higher analog sampling rates and improved SNR

Abaco Systems has released the FMC165 FPGA Mezzanine Card to its portfolio, allowing higher analog sampling rates, improved SNR, and improved multi-board synchronisation processes

Subs & Systems | 08-06-2021

xSBC and avionics I/O boards for flight-certifiable applications

Abaco Systems has released two boards, the SBC314C single board computer and RAR15XC avionics data bus communications XMC mezzanine board, for embedded flight-certifiable applicati

Subs & Systems | 07-04-2021

New SBC saves cost and power for VXS-based systems

Abaco Systems announces the DSP221 emphasising their commitment toward supporting customers with long term solutions. The board is an extension of the legacy DSP220, by refreshing

Subs & Systems | 18-05-2020

New graphics XMC delivers flexibility and minimises latency

Abaco Systems has expanded its growing range of video/graphics solutions with the launch of the rugged, high bandwidth NVP2102A XMC Graphics and GPGPU Card. Created to complement t

Semiconductors | 30-01-2020

Flexible and rugged four-channel gigabit Ethernet interface help reduce SWaP

Abaco Systems has released the XMC477RC Four-Channel SFP Gigabit Ethernet Interface, expanding the company’s range of network interface card options. The new XMC is characterised b

Subs & Systems | 14-11-2019

New graphics and video capture board maximises performance and minimises power

Abaco Systems has released a powerful new rugged XMC graphics and video capture board. The NVP2102 takes advantage of the high performance of the NVIDIA Pascal P2000 GPU with its 7

Subs & Systems | 20-09-2019