Development board suited to industrial and medical or robotics applications

Mouser now stocks the EV81X90A PIC32CM Curiosity Pro development board from Microchip Technology. The board is ideal for various applications, including industrial control systems, medical devices, home automation systems, and robotics.

Mouser Electronics | 25-04-2023

New chipset for 5G mobile devices launched

Semtech Corporation has expanded its PerSe product portfolio with a new IC purpose-built for 5G mobile devices. Its PerSe technology senses human proximity and allows end devices such as smartphones to implement advanced RF control. The Per

Semtech | 20-04-2023

Seamless connectivity and low power consumption Wi-Fi IC

Nordic Semiconductor has created the nRF7002, a companion IC for integrating seamless Wi-Fi 6 connectivity into multiple applications. It is available now from Rutronik. The device is a cost-effective and power-saving option and inspires wi

Rutronik | 20-04-2023

Strengthened ecosystem for advanced auto and consumer and IoT applications

Cadence Design Systems, Inc has welcomed Kudan and to the Tensilica software partner ecosystem, acquiring industry-leading SLAM and AI ISP solutions to Cadence Tensilica Vision DSPs and AI platforms. The wide Tensilica Vision a

Cadence | 19-04-2023

Reference development platform for i.MX 93 applications processor launched

eInfochips has launched a Reference Development Platform based on NXP Semiconductors’ i.MX 93 applications processors. “As an early access partner for the NXP i.MX 93 platform, eInfochips is proud to offer our clients a cutting-edge refe

eInfochips | 19-04-2023

Motion and bone-conduction sensor offers superior performance

Mouser is now stocking the STMicroelectronics LSM6DSV16BX motion and bone-conduction sensor. Integrating a three-axis digital accelerometer and three-axis digital gyroscope, the sensor supplies advanced functions for applications, including

Mouser Electronics | 14-04-2023

Ultra-small SMD watch crystal is now available

Suntsu Electronics is dedicated to saving time and money for customers by assisting them to create what's next. They have now introduced the ultra-small package size 32.768kHz SMD watch crystals. Part of the SWS102 series, these crystals ar

Sunstu Electronics | 14-04-2023

Digital voice vibration sensor for hi-fi voice pick-up in TWS

Knowles Corporation has released the first-of-its-kind Digital Voice Vibration Sensor, V2S200D. Working in conjunction with microphones, the device, a high bandwidth, low-power specialised vibration sensor, enhances voice call quality in no

Knowles | 13-04-2023

RISC-V embedded processing portfolio has new voice-control ASSP solution

Renesas Electronics Corporation has expanded its industry-leading RISC-V portfolio with the first RISC-V MCU developed for voice-controlled HMI systems. The new R9A06G150 32-bit ASSP, created in collaboration with RISC-V ecosystem partners,

Renesas | 06-04-2023

Multilevel switching amplifiers available for wireless audio applications

Mouser now stocks the MA2304xN MERUS multilevel switching amplifiers from Infineon Technologies. The series provides engineers with unmatched power efficiency at low and high output power for soundbars, wireless and Bluetooth speakers, and

Mouser Electronics | 05-04-2023

Space-saving TVS provides superior ESD and surge protection for high-speed I/Os

Diodes Incorporated has released its new bidirectional TVS diode, addressing market demands for a robust protection for high-speed data ports. The D3V3Z1BD2CSP is intended to provide protection from ESD strikes and surge events. The main ap

Diodes Inc | 04-04-2023

Resource site for development kits and engineering tools help jumpstart product design

Mouser offers a wealth of services and tools to assist engineers and purchasing professionals in finding the correct products for their designs, including a resource site for development kits and a page dedicated to the latest engineering t

Mouser Electronics | 03-04-2023

Professional quality Li-Ion charger for up to 14 Li-Ion battery cells

Mascot AS offers its next-generation high-quality and high-performance lithium-ion battery charger for the new 4040LI model. The model uses a three-stage charging profile with a microcontroller to maximise battery performance. The new charg

Mascot | 31-03-2023

Showcasing the latest modules with capacitors and relays

Mouser is showcasing the latest innovations from Panasonic Corporation to offer manufacturers the latest in Panasonic performance, quality and reliability, building world-class solutions for customers in virtually all industries, including

Mouser Electronics | 30-03-2023