Amplifiers provide extended battery life in portable applications

29-09-2023 | Mouser Electronics | Power

Mouser now stocks the MAX9838x digital input Class-D amplifiers from Analog Devices/Maxim Integrated.

The digital input Class-D amplifiers provide integrated IV feedback and Brownout Protection in a small 2.93mm2, 16-pin WLP (0.4mm pitch) space-saving package. With a wide 2.3V to 10V supply voltage range, these amplifiers pair Class-AB level audio performance with the efficiency required to extend battery life in single-cell, two-cell, and externally regulated/boosted portable applications. The MAX98388 is optimised for up to 5.5V applications (single-cell), while the MAX98389 is optimised for 5V to 10V cases (two-cell).

The device offers a PCM interface for audio playback and IV feedback data and pairs this with a standard I2C interface for device control and status readback. The interface also supports audio data formats such as I2S, left justified, and TDM timing. A unique clocking structure eradicates the necessity for an external high-frequency reference clock. As well as reducing device size and pin count, eradicating this clock saves interface power while decreasing the risk of EMI from high-speed switching and potential board coupling issues.

Applications for the amplifiers include AR/VR wearables, LRA haptic drives, smartwatches, IoT devices, gaming devices, and notebooks and tablets.

By Seb Springall