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Compact design features assembled wires in panel mount connectors

The latest enhancements to the binder panel mount connectors in M12 size feature an advanced sealing concept, safety features, and sustainable materials. Users in process, sensor, and drive technology also benefit from optional shielding an

Binder | 06-06-2024

Range of bayonet coupling connectors for demanding environments

Weald Electronics offers a wide range of connectors for demanding environments, including defence equipment, avionics, marine and naval equipment, medical systems, industrial automation, machine building, test and measurement, high-performa

Weald | 05-06-2024

Pro features highlight on new 42U server rack cabinets

ShowMeCables has released a new line of 42U server rack cabinets. The two dozen models fit standard 19"-wide components such as servers, patch panels, PDUs and routers. The cabinets are excellent for data networking, IT, audiovisual and mor

ShowMeCables | 04-06-2024

Miniature connector provides blind-mate panel mounting

Hirose has extended its miniature connector offering to include a version with blind mating ability. The HR34P Series panel mount connector is constructed with self-aligning elements and guides itself into the correct mating position. Typic

Hirose | 04-06-2024

Transmission line compatibility enhanced by new impedance-matching pads

Pasternack has released its latest product, matching pads for 50-Ohm and 75-Ohm transmission lines. These pads supply a seamless transition between the two types of transmission lines. These pads provide optimal performance across variou

Pasternack | 04-06-2024

Efficient fibre optic solution improves network integration and performance

Available now from WIN SOURCE, the AFBR-57E6APZ is a versatile, highly integrated device tailored to various network communication applications. It is a prominent member of Avago Technologies' line of fibre optic products, designed to suppl

WIN SOURCE | 03-06-2024

Industrial plugs and sockets deliver safety and toughness

Inelco Hunter has announced the availability of Amphenol's Industrial range of plugs and sockets, which combine toughness with ease of use and safety-critical features. 'Easy & Safe' is a range of IP67 and IP44 plugs, connectors, and

Inelcohunter | 03-06-2024

Stackable multi-row BTB connector platform snaps together without solder

ENNOVI addresses the growing demand for high-density interconnects in challenging automotive application scenarios. The new ENNOVI-MB2B multi-row board-to-board (BTB) connector platform provides a proprietary ‘snap-in biscuit’ design, allow

ENNOVI | 31-05-2024

New open-frame four-post network racks offer customisable depths

ShowMeCables offers a new line of open-frame four-post network racks. They hold standard 19"-wide IT equipment and provide adjustable interior and exterior depths that hold large servers or compress to conserve floor space if needed. They a

ShowMeCables | 31-05-2024

Mini-FAKRA cable assemblies portfolio for automotive and industrial applications

Amphenol RF has expanded its AUTOMATE Mini-FAKRA cable assembly portfolio with further pre-configured cable assemblies. These assemblies are offered in straight single, dual, or quad-port mini-FAKRA jack-to-jack configurations and are creat

Amphenol | 29-05-2024

New high-power RF terminations for enhanced performance launched

Fairview Microwave launched its high-power RF terminations. They are designed to improve signal integrity in demanding applications across telecommunications, aerospace and defence sectors. The newly unveiled terminations feature cutting

Fairview Microwave | 28-05-2024

High-reliability connectors and backshells are available now

Weald Electronics provides high-performance interconnection solutions based on MIL-DTL-38999, MIL-DTL-5015 and MIL-DTL-26482 specifications. It manufactures a very wide range of circular bayonet and screw coupling connectors, offered in a c

Weald | 28-05-2024

Upgraded CO2 sensors offer enhanced specifications and improved performance

Available from Symmetry Electronics, Sensirion has unveiled the SCD40 and SCD41, an exciting upgrade to its SCD4x family, a highly accurate, reliable CO2 and humidity sensor modules. Replacing the now obsolete end-of-life (EOL) SCD42, devel

Symmetry Electronics | 24-05-2024

XLR audio connector range offers ten colour-coded sleeve options

Inelco Hunter has announced the availability of the Amphenol RF AX Series Colour Coded Sleeve System for the industry-standard XLR plug and socket connectors. Amphenol developed the XLR audio connector design in 1995, and it is now the g

Inelcohunter | 24-05-2024