World's smallest width floating connector released

Hirose has developed a board-to-board connector that combines floating functionality and miniature size to meet automotive specifications. The BM54 Series takes compact design furt

Automotive & Transport | 08-07-2024

Miniature connector provides blind-mate panel mounting

Hirose has extended its miniature connector offering to include a version with blind mating ability. The HR34P Series panel mount connector is constructed with self-aligning elemen

Industrial | 04-06-2024

Right-angle crimp socket for popular wire-to-board connector series

Hirose has extended its DF60 Series to include a rugged right-angle crimp socket that provides design flexibility and space-savings in demanding, power-hungry applications. Providi

Industrial | 10-04-2024

Back flip FPC/FFC is designed for rugged spaced-constrained applications

Hirose has extended its back flip FPC/FFC connector, including a 0.5mm pitch version with dual contact functionality to simplify flex routing. The space-saving TF07V Series has a h

Industrial | 05-02-2024

Space-saving branch adaptor saves wiring time and costs

Hirose has extended its low-profile DF51 wire-to-board connector series to include a branch connector. The DF51B Series allows the splitting of the cable into two separate paths. T

Industrial | 28-12-2023

Space-saving floating BTB connector series has the world’s smallest width

Hirose has extended its DF40 BTB floating connector series to support PCI-ex Gen.4 (16Gbps) and MIPI D-PHY Ver.1.1 (1.5Gbps). The DF40F Series offers high-density mounting, great s

Automotive & Transport | 13-12-2023

Simplifying assemblies with SMT wire-to-board connector

Hirose has extended its low-profile DF51K wire-to-board connector series to include an SMT version. Compatible with automated assembly processes, including pick-and-place machines,

Industrial | 05-12-2023

Ultra-compact hybrid FPC-to-board connector offers space and power savings

Hirose has extended its miniature hybrid FPC-to-board connector family to simplify mating and provide design flexibility. Combining space savings and a high-power capacity, the BK2

Industrial | 24-10-2023

World’s smallest width multi-RF board-to-board connector

Hirose has launched a multi-RF board-to-board connector that delivers a size reduction of up to 71% compared to conventional designs. With the industry’s smallest width of just 2.2

Industrial | 03-07-2023

Stackable BGA mezzanine connector lowers costs

Hirose has released a stackable BGA mezzanine connector developed for high-speed and high-density server applications. The hermaphroditic IT14 Series offers a self-mating design to

Industrial | 03-04-2023

Micro coaxial connector designed for automotive applications

Hirose has extended its compact coaxial connector offering to support the automotive market better. Featuring gold-plated contacts for corrosion resistance and superior peeling str

Automotive & Transport | 05-01-2023

In-line jack connector enables smaller PROFINET-compliant devices

Hirose Electric has expanded its popular ix Industrial connector series to incorporate an in-line jack version. Supporting CAT5e (1Gbps) and CAT6A (10Gbps) cabling, the new ix40G i

Industrial | 23-11-2022

Expanded hybrid FPC-to-board connector now offers ultra-low-profile version

Hirose has enhanced its hybrid FPC to board connector product family with a 30-position ultra-low-profile version. The BK10 Series connector offers a 0.5mm stacking height and a 1.

Connectors, Cables & Enclosures | 15-09-2022

Low-profile hybrid FPC-to-board connector in miniature footprint

Hirose has created a low-profile hybrid FPC-to-board connector with a rated current of 5A power and 0.3A signal in a miniature footprint. With a 0.3mm pitch, 0.6mm stacking height

Connectors, Cables & Enclosures | 16-08-2022