Extended frequency range of spectrum analyser offers excellent performance

Anritsu Company has expanded its Field Master MS2080A, a multi-functional spectrum analyser that integrates nine instruments into a single solution to function up to 6GHz. With extended frequency coverage, the device satisfies rising conges

Anritsu | 20-04-2023

New chipset for 5G mobile devices launched

Semtech Corporation has expanded its PerSe product portfolio with a new IC purpose-built for 5G mobile devices. Its PerSe technology senses human proximity and allows end devices such as smartphones to implement advanced RF control. The Per

Semtech | 20-04-2023

Seamless connectivity and low power consumption Wi-Fi IC

Nordic Semiconductor has created the nRF7002, a companion IC for integrating seamless Wi-Fi 6 connectivity into multiple applications. It is available now from Rutronik. The device is a cost-effective and power-saving option and inspires wi

Rutronik | 20-04-2023

Automotive modules expand multichannel high data rate communication

Mouser is now shipping the u-blox JODY-W3 Host-Based Automotive Modules. The modules are created to satisfy the growing number of wireless high-speed, high-data communication connections for automobiles and industrial IoT applications, such

Mouser Electronics | 19-04-2023

Modular radio dev platform bring flexibility to FPGA and RF system designers

Saelig Company, Inc now offers the SpectraTronix C700 Modular Radio Development Platform – a system of mix-and-match RF modules for swiftly producing nearly any software-defined digital radio or analog, digital or arbitrary modulated RF sys

Saelig | 18-04-2023

Connect for Good Challenge to build a smarter and sustainable future

Mouser is sponsoring the Connect for Good: Low Power Wireless Sustainability Challenge, presented by Nordic Semiconductor and Wevolver. The challenge is running from now through 12 October 2023. Entrants are urged to submit a project that u

Mouser Electronics | 17-04-2023

SMD and radial PPTC fuses electrical resistance increases in case of overload

Whether surface mountable or radial, YAGEO provides economically interesting PPTC fuses available from Rutronik. Amongst other things, they vary in terms of the maximum voltage the application may withstand at rated current without damage.

Rutronik | 17-04-2023

Expanded line of IP68 of waterproof and dustproof outdoor cable assemblies

L-com has revealed the expansion of its IP68, ODVA-compatible, MPO fibre optic outdoor cable assemblies. The new assemblies are dustproof and waterproof for various outdoor uses, including broadcast, defence ground communications, oil and g

L-com | 17-04-2023

Turn low-tech buildings into smart buildings with a self-governing wireless network

NeoCortec has supplied NeoMesh modules for a project from Nrlyze, a Swedish tech company specialising in optimising heating and ventilation systems in big buildings. For an old three-storey office building constructed of 35cm thick brick wa

NeoCortec | 14-04-2023

New RF power dividers and RF couplers achieve low loss at high frequencies

Pasternack has released a new series of RF power dividers and RF couplers. Applications include research labs, test and instrumentation, satellite communications, telecommunications, and wireless communications. The company's new RF powe

Pasternack | 14-04-2023

Ultra-small SMD watch crystal is now available

Suntsu Electronics is dedicated to saving time and money for customers by assisting them to create what's next. They have now introduced the ultra-small package size 32.768kHz SMD watch crystals. Part of the SWS102 series, these crystals ar

Sunstu Electronics | 14-04-2023

Cellular-to-cloud dev kits connect seamlessly to Azure Cloud Services

Renesas Electronics Corporation has announced that its cellular-to-cloud development kits powered by Renesas' 32-bit MCUs now fully support Microsoft's Azure cloud services. The two Cloud Kits – the CK-RA6M5 and CK-RX65N – allow users to co

Renesas | 14-04-2023

New antennas cover extensive frequency bands up to 7GHz

KP Performance Antennas has just released a new line of low-profile antennas for the latest frequency bands of Wi-Fi 6e and unlicensed 6GHz. The company's new Wi-Fi 6e, low-profile antennas feature 4x4, 6x6 and 8x8 MIMO options that help

KP Performance Antennas | 12-04-2023

Robotics starter kit accelerates workflows for roboticists

Mouser now stocks the Kria KR260 Robotics Starter Kit from Xilinx. Providing high-performance industrial vision and real-time networking interfaces, this starter kit enables roboticists to streamline their workflows when using the Kria K26

Mouser Electronics | 11-04-2023