Technology series brings engineers up to speed on WiFi7

23-11-2023 | Mouser Electronics | Industrial

Mouser has released its latest instalment of the Empowering Innovation Together (EIT) technology series, examining WiFi7 and how it will revolutionise wireless communication. WiFi7 will usher in a new era of wireless technology and pave the way for faster, more reliable connections.

Key specifications of WiFi7 include advanced features like quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM), automated frequency coordination (AFC) and multi-user multiple inputs and multiple outputs (MU-MIMO), which will greatly increase the speed, capacity and reliability of current wireless networks. It promises to reconstruct how we connect with others by supplying faster and more reliable access to data, streaming services and online gaming experiences than ever before. The company sheds light on the technology behind this wireless technology throughout the EIT technical content series, including articles, videos and its signature podcast, 'The Tech Between Us'.

"The anticipation for WiFi7 is real – with its promise of faster internet speed, stronger network connections and a more adaptive experience. Our EIT technology series is designed to give engineers the knowledge they need to stay ahead of emerging trends," says Mark Patrick, Mouser electronics director of technical content in EMEA and the guest host of The Tech Between Us. "WiFi7 offers an incredible leap forward in wireless technology, and we are excited to offer a comprehensive look at how this technology will impact the world around us."

Via a range of articles, infographics, videos and The Tech Between Us podcast, the company delivers valuable insight to the design engineering community on the advantages associated with this new technology, such as improved performance, further security features, immersive technology capabilities, 8K streaming video and the relationship between WiFi7and 5G. The content notes how to use this cutting-edge technology in various applications.

This EIT instalment is sponsored by the company's valued partners Intel, Broadcom, TE Connectivity, Taoglas, u-blox, Qorvo, TDK, and KYOCERA AVX.

By Seb Springall