Highly efficient small form GNSS and GPS patch antennas deliver accurate navigation

07-11-2023 | Amphenol | Passives

Amphenol RF has introduced embedded GNSS and GPS antennas into its growing antenna solutions. These passive and active internal antennas supply a lightweight, compact option for applications that rely on accurate location detection for navigational purposes. Ceramic antennas such as these can be surface mounted to a PCB or connectorised for better positioning. GNSS and GPS antennas are intended to receive radio signals transmitted on specific frequencies by satellites.

GNSS antennas utilise signals from global navigation satellites, whereas GPS antennas use primarily North American satellites. Both antenna types support the familiar AMC connector interface, which is compatible with I-PEX MHF 1 connectors. These high-efficiency antennas function in multiple bands, including GPS, GLONASS and Beidu.

Patch antennas are created to be directional. The low profile shape of these antennas makes them ideal for various applications such as handheld and portable navigation devices, mobile electronics, asset tracking and diverse automotive technologies

By Seb Springall