Artificial Intelligence

Complete 4K AI vision solution for running image-based machine learning

e-con Systems has launched the qSmartAI80_CUQ610, a Qualcomm AI vision kit based on Sony STARVIS IMX415. This ready-to-deploy AI camera kit is ideal for image-based machine learning and deep learning models at the edge. The solution is a

e-con Systems | 20-04-2022

Industrial-grade box-PC expedites AI deployment

Advantech has released the EPC-R7200, an NVIDIA Jetson-compatible industrial-grade Box-PC. The device satisfies the demands created by the rising adoption of NVIDIA Jetson platform edge AI devices via an ultra-compact form factor (152mm × 1

Advantech | 14-04-2022

AI software suite reduces downtime and material costs while improving quality

MicroAI has announced the General Availability of MicroAI Factory. This fully integrated manufacturing software suite employs edge-native AI to ingest manufacturing floor data from existing systems and sensors to improve overall equipment e

MicroAI | 11-03-2022

Two-phase voltage regulator module designed for AI applications

Flex Power Modules offers the BMR510, its first two-phase voltage regulator module, with a continuous total output current of 80A and can deliver a total of 140A peak output at 0.5-1.3V from an input of 4.5-16V. At less than 0.7cm3 (10mm x

Flex Power Module | 18-02-2022

Technology for creating power-efficient AI processing for Edge solutions

sureCore has revealed its new technology for in-memory computing called CompuRAM. This will allow solutions for computing at the Edge to be more power-efficient. At present, sensor data frequently must be sent from an IoT device to a server

SureCore | 09-02-2022

Edge AI computer for smart city applications

Impulse Embedded now provides the RSC100, ARM-based Edge embedded PC with the Hailo-8 AI accelerator. This streamlined processing unit for AI applications can provide up to 26 TOPs of int-8 performance in a cost-effective, power-efficient u

Impulse Embedded | 03-02-2022

Bringing AI and machine learning to the edge with matter-ready platform

Silicon Labs offers the BG24 and MG24 families of 2.4GHz wireless SoCs for Bluetooth and Multiple-protocol operations and a new software toolkit. This new co-optimised hardware and software platform assists in bringing AI/ML applications an

Silicon Laboratories Inc | 28-01-2022

AI domain controller SoC family for ADAS to L4 AVs

Ambarella has announced the CV3 AI domain controller family. This fully scalable, power-efficient CVflow family of SoCs offers the automotive industry's highest AI processing performance, up to 500 eTOPS, representing a 42x increase over it

Ambarella | 12-01-2022

Industrial cards optimised for smart IoT and AI facial recognition

Facial recognition technology is finally coming into its own. Now, smart AI-driven facial recognition technology is common in finance, smart retail, transportation and even healthcare applications. As adoption increases, facial recognition

Apacer | 13-12-2021

Powerful ultra-compact AI inference systems with low power computing

Advantech Co., Ltd has launched the AIR-020 series, an ultra-compact series of edge AI systems powered by the NVIDIA Jetson family. Offering a small footprint of only 139mm x 110mm x 44.5mm (5.47" x 4.33" x 1.75") dimensions, the series pro

Advantech | 25-11-2021

Partners offer out-of-the-box, full-scale edge AI solutions

The joint, complete edge AI solution combines Variscite's i.MX 8 platforms with Hailo's Mini PCIe AI module to allow enterprises to run full-scale DL-based applications more efficiently and sustainably while notably lowering costs. Varis


Delivering ultra-low-power industrial edge AI sensing applications

SensiML Corporation has teamed with onsemi to produce a complete machine learning solution for autonomous sensor data processing and predictive modelling. The collaboration combines its Analytics Toolkit development software with the RSL10

SensiML | 12-11-2021

Accelerating development of smart systems with breakthrough edge-native AI

MicroAI has announced MicroAI Launchpad, a quick start development and deployment tool. It helps organisations simplify and accelerate the design, development, testing, and deployment of next-generation smart systems that run embedded Micro

MicroAI | 09-11-2021

Rugged AI platform enhances inference computing in data-driven embedded systems

The new Jetsys-5320 from Elma Electronic Inc satisfies the growing data processing requirements of very rugged and mobile embedded computing applications by effortlessly handling data-intensive computation tasks. It offers complex GPGPU inf

Elma Electronics | 05-11-2021