Two-phase voltage regulator module designed for AI applications

18-02-2022 | Flex Power Module | Power

Flex Power Modules offers the BMR510, its first two-phase voltage regulator module, with a continuous total output current of 80A and can deliver a total of 140A peak output at 0.5-1.3V from an input of 4.5-16V. At less than 0.7cm3 (10mm x 9mm x 7.6mm), the module offers a complete power stage, incorporating magnetics, for a highly-specified voltage regulator module in space-constrained applications. End-use is aimed at power silicon devices such as CPUs, GPUs, IPUs, high-end FPGAs and high-performing ASICs with a current demand of above 100A, generally found in the latest AI applications.

The halogen-free device is optimised for top-side cooling and provides LGA or optionally solder-bump terminations for simple assembly. Over-temperature and over-current protection are incorporated, and values are sensed for remote monitoring. An enable input is supplied, and the module will accept tri-state PWM inputs. Thermal models are available to allow effective integration in the target application.

The two-phase device will be the first of many new VRMs from the company. Future devices will deliver different variations of a total number of phases, available output current and footprints to support current and next-generation CPUs and GPUs.

Olle Hellgren, product manager at Flex Power Modules, comments: “We have targeted the BMR510 at power-hungry silicon in products with tight space constraints but without performance compromise. It’s an ideal power component for high-end applications such as AI, Big Data, and autonomous vehicles”.

By Natasha Shek