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SoC families with a focus on Matter, AI and ML

Silicon Labs announced new families of SoCs with a focus on Matter, AI and ML, multiprotocol and Bluetooth: the BG24 and MG24. It was shared that over 50 global customers were part

Semiconductors | 03-05-2022

Bringing AI and machine learning to the edge with matter-ready platform

Silicon Labs offers the BG24 and MG24 families of 2.4GHz wireless SoCs for Bluetooth and Multiple-protocol operations and a new software toolkit. This new co-optimised hardware and

Semiconductors | 28-01-2022

Enabling IoT for asset tracking and building automation

Silicon Labs has released a combined hardware and software solution for large-scale mesh networks in partnership with Wirepas. Wirepas Massive – a unique, scalable and cost-effecti

Design & Manufacture | 16-06-2021

New Matter solution unifies the IoT connectivity experience

Silicon Labs has announced that wireless solutions are offered for development of Matter end products that support Thread, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth protocols. Matter, formerly named ‘P

New Technologies | 14-05-2021

Expanded IoT wireless portfolio simplifies LPWAN deployment for smart cities

Silicon Labs offers its new standards-driven Wi-SUN technology, opening the door to new IoT market opportunities and expediting smart city application development. The company’s ce

Subs & Systems | 15-04-2021

Modules provide pre-certified wireless connectivity for IoT applications

Silicon Labs has expanded its portfolio of pre-certified wireless modules particularly designed to manage modern demands of IoT application development. The portfolio comprises wha

Subs & Systems | 03-11-2020

Small low jitter I2C-programmable crystal oscillators

Silicon Labs has a new family of small form-factor, high-performance XOs and VCXOs for applications that need low jitter and frequency-flexible clock synthesis. The Si54x/6x Ultra

Passives | 28-09-2020

Bluetooth portfolio delivers excellent performance and flexibility for IoT devices

Silicon Labs has expanded its portfolio of industry-leading RF performance Bluetooth Low Energy solutions for IoT developers. The company delivers performance, flexibility and pack

Semiconductors | 14-09-2020

Advanced IoT device security thwarts evolving threats

Silicon Labs has declared that its hardware and software technologies targeting securing IoT devices against growing and evolving threats have gained third-party IoT security certi

New Technologies | 08-09-2020

Feature-rich PMICs enhance battery-powered IoT product design

Silicon Labs has a new line of energy-friendly PMICs serving as dedicated companion chips for EFR32 wireless devices and EFM32 MCUs. The EFP01 PMIC family gives a flexible, system-

Semiconductors | 12-05-2020

5G small cells with complete power over Ethernet portfolio

Silicon Labs has introduced a comprehensive PoE portfolio that decreases the price and complexity of adding 90W PoE to PSE and PD. The new portfolio complies with the IEEE 802.3bt

Semiconductors | 20-03-2020

Integrated security technology redefines IoT device security

Silicon Labs has released Secure Vault technology, a new suite of state-of-the-art security features intended to assist connected device manufacturers to meet escalating IoT securi

Design & Manufacture | 09-03-2020

New wireless SoCs enable eco-friendly Zigbee Green Power IoT devices

Silicon Labs has a new family of secure, ultra-low-power Zigbee SoC devices created for eco-friendly IoT products deployed in mesh networks. The EFR32MG22 (MG22) family expands Sil

Semiconductors | 24-02-2020

Companies team up to deliver best-in-class Bluetooth location solution

Silicon Labs and Quuppa have collaborated to produce a highly accurate indoor asset tracking solution based on the Bluetooth LE direction finding feature with advanced AoA technolo

New Technologies | 10-01-2020