Philip Spurgeon

Phil Spurgeon has had a career in content marketing stretching back more than a decade. In that time he's written blogs for a host of different sectors including automotive, cryptocurrency, mental health, fashion, aerospace & defence and finance to name a few. In his spare time, Phil can be found playing with little plastic men, gaming and spending time with his partner and 6-year-old daughter.

How Will AR Make Us Safer Drivers?

Augmented reality has been knocking around for a while now. Yet, despite the versatility of the technology it hasn’t been adopted as widely as one might expect. Beyond Pokemon Go!


What Flexible Screens Mean for Smart Tech

When Motorola announced its flexible smartphone, the news was met with a mix of excitement and cynicism. A flexible touchscreen was so far in the realms of science fiction that few


How Laser Weapons Technology will Change the Military

A new arms race has been brewing for some time between NATO, Russia and China. Hypersonics, railguns and lasers have been among the top prizes. After decades of research and develo


Can Hydrogen Metal Exist?

Hydrogen is abundant in the universe. It can be found - in one form or another - anywhere you care to point a telescope. Here on Earth, it can be found easily enough but not in its


Ultrasound - The Next Phase in Touchscreen Tech

We live in a world where every screen is meant to be touched. At least that’s according to an old ad campaign from Microsoft. The problem with that laudable notion is that not ever


Self-Healing Thermoelectric Material for Wearables

The usual trajectory with new technology is a steady iteration of improvements. Every year or so a new version is released with a host of new features. Better battery, better scree


Conducting Electricity Without Heat

The Wiedemann-Franz law states that good conductors of electricity will also be good conductors of heat. Which is why traditional light bulbs often make better heaters than they do


Buy As You Fly - How Inflight WIFI Will Change The Way We Travel

A few years ago the very idea of having a mobile phone switched on while in flight was horrifying. We were told that the signal from mobile devices could interfere with the plane’s


Bionic Eyes - The Future of Sight

Bionics have been the crusade of engineers, scientists and medical doctors for decades.  There has always been an unspoken understanding that there is only so much medical science