Next gen 8mb serial Flash for low-power and small-form IoT devices

Winbond Electronics Corporation has released the 8Mb W25Q80RV, the first of a new 3V RV series flash devices capable of high performance, low power and offered in small-form-factor

Semiconductors | 27-07-2023

Memory offers improved energy conservation and carbon reduction in a smaller size

Winbond Electronics Corporation offers its new package 100BGA LPDDR4/4X, announcing it had achieved the JEDEC JED209-4 standard to provide energy conservation and carbon reduction.

Semiconductors | 02-08-2022

Expanding DDR3 SDRAM production to meet growing industry demand

Winbond Electronics Corporation has announced key enhancements to its DDR3 product on the ultra-high-speed performance. Its 1.35V DDR3 products support 2133Mbps data rate in both x

Semiconductors | 25-04-2022

New addition to ultra-low power family of memory products

Winbond Electronics announces that it is bringing the power-saving benefits of its 1.2V W25Q-ND series of SpiFlash memory products to a broader range of applications with the intro

Products | 15-11-2018

Performance of NAND Flash memory offers excellent data-transfer rates

Winbond Electronics has introduced a high-performance serial NAND Flash memory IC which offers a new high data-transfer rate of 83MB/s via a QSP). The company's new technology

Products | 02-07-2018

New class of high-quality NAND Flash provide lower cost alternative to NOR Flash

Winbond Electronics has revealed a new class of NAND Flash ICs which gives high quality and long data retention ideal for use in mission-critical code storage applications at densi

Products | 07-03-2018