Expanding DDR3 SDRAM production to meet growing industry demand

25-04-2022 | Winbond | Semiconductors

Winbond Electronics Corporation has announced key enhancements to its DDR3 product on the ultra-high-speed performance.

Its 1.35V DDR3 products support 2133Mbps data rate in both x8 and x16 configurations and are 100% compatible to 1.5V DDR3. The company's DRAM roadmap now supports 1Gb-4Gb DDR3, 128Mb-2Gb DDR2, 512Mb-2Gb LP-DDR2, as well as LP-DDR4x, LP-DDR3, LP-DDR, SDRAM interfaces for applications which need 4Gb or below densities DRAM products, including AI accelerator, IoT, Automotive, Industrial, Telecommunication, WiFi-6, WiFi-6e, xDSL, Fiber-Optical Network, Smart TV, Set-Top-Box, IP camera and many others. It is also adding new wafer capacity from 2022 Q4 offering more advanced manufacturing technologies.

"Winbond has been delivering competitive DDR3 products for ten years and will keep delivering DDR3 in coming ten plus years with superior customer support and product quality," says Winbond. "Today, our customers continue to require DDR3 SDRAM products, and our goal is to continue that proven legacy to ensure we can meet customer longevity demand," it added.

By Natasha Shek