Memory offers improved energy conservation and carbon reduction in a smaller size

02-08-2022 | Winbond | Semiconductors

Winbond Electronics Corporation offers its new package 100BGA LPDDR4/4X, announcing it had achieved the JEDEC JED209-4 standard to provide energy conservation and carbon reduction.

The device is now available in a space-saving 100BGA package measuring just 7.5mm x 10mm2. It is excellent for IoT applications needing higher throughput in a small package, enabling designers to decrease the PCB size for more compact IoT designs.

Its memory is offered in a density of 1Gb and 2Gb, supporting speeds of up to 4267Mbps. It is provided in SDP with a 2Gb density and DDP with a 4Gb density. The higher speed of LPDDR4 1CH x16 4267Mbps offers improved performance over earlier DDR4 x16 3200Mbps devices, particularly useful for consumer applications.

The company guarantees the LPDDR4/4X product line will be manufactured for at least the next ten years, which is excellent news for automotive and industrial applications.

'Winbond has been developing the memory product market for many years. We have paid great attention to our customer's needs and the development trend of new technologies, and we have successfully developed the next generation of LPDDR4/4X by adding the new package 100BGA to fulfil the needs of emerging IoT, consumer, industrial and automotive applications,' says Winbond.


By Seb Springall